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I decided to give the skinnytees a second try. Being five foot two the straps were too long on the traditional tank but the one they were selling today was more like a sleeveless tee, which I really like, so I'm giving it another try. What did you pick up from Fashion day?

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Many Louis Dell'Olio items that I have had on my "Wish List."  This is one:


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I just bought a bag of designer at Dillards.  


I hugged the pup during Fashion Day!

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I just bought 3 spring/summer blouses at Amazon last week so I didn't purchase anything this weekend. Everthing seemed really expensive to me, I couldn't justify spending that much money for a top or crop pants or jeans.

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I managed to snag a Kim Gravel tourquiose and navy palm leaf print  top before they sold out.   

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Re: What did you buy?

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@Andreatoo.  They have the best deals on Skinny Tees on those bargain segments on Today and GMA from time to time.  They have styles and colors you never see on QVC on the Skinny Tee website.

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Nothing from QVC but blouse, shoes.and scarf from JCP, and two tank tops, underwear and bra from Hanes.  

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A top that I liked at Chico’s went on sale so that was my splurge for the weekend.  

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Re: What did you buy?

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Off topic @Andreatoo , but I can't believe you're only 5 ft 2 in.!  I  see you modelling your outfits in the ""Outfit of the day if you dare" thread.  You appear much taller....I never would have guessed!