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What are YOU stalking from LDO?

I'm stalking the sequin skirt in black, of course, but only half-heartedly because I'm pretty convinced it's not hiding at the warehouse.

I'm stalking the green boucle jacket with satin trim. My size has been long gone. I do have the skirt. Hate having half a suit, but half is better than none. At least it's the bottom half. LOL

I'm stalking the velvet pull on pants in last year's color-brown. I miraculously managed to grab the purple and the spruce green when they popped in. They are like wearing silk pajamas.

I'm stalking the ponte knit tunic in Taupe. I have the amethyst and adore it.

I'm stalking the silk jacquard blouse in Oyster to go with the ivory boucle jacket I snagged over by the bay for a song. I think that Oyster blouse would be magnificent with it.

Any straight skirt or tall slacks in White or Khaki cotton twill so I can have something of Louis's to wear with the White twill jacket with khaki contrast piping. How hard should that be??????? I'm not asking for orchid or celadon. WHITE or KHAKI. Jeez!

What are you all stalking? {#emotions_dlg.sneaky}