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Re: What I Wore (w/e 8/19/23)...

@MacDuFF Gotta agree with the posters those are definitely well put together and look great!!  Smiley Happy

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 8/19/23)...

@MacDuFF  The embroidered jeans are awesome

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 8/19/23)...



Your outfits are very nice! 


I like the red and white print in #1. That's a very summery looking outfit. The red and silver accessories are great!

I never wear bold printed pants. I just feel way too self conscious about my larger hips and thighs. 


The subtle embroidery on your jeans is nice. I still haven't tried black with my lighter wash jeans. 🥴 


Congratulations on trying different silhouettes this year.
It takes a bit of courage to try new things.


My outfit silhouettes don't change much. I'm very comfortable wearing certain shapes and styles. I own various colors and prints but in very similar shapes and styles. Every time I try something "different" I feel "weird" in it. I think I look ok in other styles, they just don't feel authentically me. 


Have a Great Week! 

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 8/19/23)...

@MacDuFF : Hello and thank you for your weekly WIW thread!


I am loving anything rayon & linen. I wore a printed R&L wide leg printed pant and solid  top this morning- have since changed into more comfy, casual thrifted clothes on this hazy, hot and humid 90 degree day. I look forward to seeing how you style the two pieces separately with other items in your wardrobe. Gotta love a good find from Marshall's: I may stop by today, as the store is located dangerously close to my home!

I agree that it's good to try on different silhouettes from what we think we are limited to. You never know unless you try!


Looking good in your "uniforms" as well. Love those embroidered jeans, the style of which has returned.


This week at thrift: picked up 3 thrifted tops/tees with slightly longer sleeves and beefier weights for transition from warm to cool weather- $3.00 each. Loft, Talbots and one other that I bought for the dark orchid color as seen in a recent j.jill catalogue paired with navy. I liked the color combination.


As we are at the end of the spring/summer buy season, I took inventory of my retail fashion purchases. One Iman black tee on sale at HSN (love!) and one Marla Wynne sweater that I wore frequently during the spring. (splurge, but the CPW has been very good). Other fashion items were purchased at the Q outlet and included a few tops, bottoms and shoes. At 70% off QVC's prices, this falls between retail and thrift, so I am pleased with my Low (price, not quantity) Buy efforts. I don't think I even purchased any clothing or accessories from Marshall's that I can recall. My TJX card confirms that fact.


Have a great week and keep styling & sharing as only you can!

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 8/19/23)...

Love the color and print of #1 on you.  Shows off the waist.

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 8/19/23)...

I love the third outfit the best but they all look wonderful.  I love your style.

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 8/19/23)...

You are such a classy dresser! Exquisite taste! Love looking at your posts!
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Re: What I Wore (w/e 8/19/23)...

Excellent!  'All good'.


Love those Dad jeans (of course).

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 8/19/23)...

@MacDuFF   You sure do know exactly what looks great on you!  I really like your posts.

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 8/19/23)...

@kate2357   I lug around too much unnecessary "stuff" and have neutral cross body bag on my buy list. It's difficult because I'm used to a medium sized bag, and the cross body bags are sooo small compared!

Thanks @spiderw   If I had to choose between my two favorites for summer wear, Chico's no-iron linen blouses or cotton gauze, I'd choose cotton gauze for the comfort!

@AngelPuppy1  and   @Desert Lily  I stumbled upon those Kut embroidered boyfriend jeans about 5-6 years ago at the Rack. I love them, too! Thanks ladies.

Hi @kze  We have the same "uniform!"

@Lisa Y  I hear ya about Marshall's and TJ...perfect for the "thrifty" shopper. Thanks Cuz.

@wilma  I'm not a big fan of printed bottoms either, bold or subtle, so this red and white set was a pleasant surprise. I only own one other printed pant, my JJill "circus pants," which tells you how bold that print is haha. "Is this authentically me" is a great question to ask ourselves when trying on clothes/outfits! Your homework for the week: Pick any black top in your closet and try them with your lightest wash denim. Extra points if you tuck in and add a belt and sneaks or a pair of your flats.  (BTW, that green blazer is so good on you!)

Thanks @queendiva   You've done well overall with the challenge. I assessed my progress at the six month mark and did only "okay." I'm hoping that, at the end of the year, I can at least say it was mostly successful. My two favorite charity thrifts stores have already switched to fall/winter.

Thank you so much  @shoptilyadropagain Heart   @eadu4 Heart  @Still Raining Heart    @spumoni99 Heart   @newtoallthis Heart  @ROMARY Heart  and @Pook Heart


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