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What I Wore (w/e 8/12/23)...

Hi fashion friends.

Nothing very inspiring this week. I tried a few more outfits with a linen tank and an open blouse over it. Bottom line: I don't like this look on me. It's not that I'd never wear this look...I liked a few of the outfits...just that it won't be a go-to outfit, that's for sure.

I didn't like this one, but I can't even tell you why since I actually loved the similar outfit from last week (Doncaster eyelet linen with matching silk cami and cream colored Levi's Dad jeans). I think the outfit from last week worked because the blouse and cami matched...? The Doncaster blouse is also longer and has a straight hem vs. a shirt tail...maybe that has something to do with it...?


I'm going to start weeding out some of my gold/gold-toned jewelry, too. I always feel like I have to wear them, otherwise they just sit there forlornly in my jewelry box. I'm a silver girl all the way.

Errands and shopping: *Levi's Dad jeans. *Old Eileen Fisher (EF) organic linen tank. *Old Chico's no-iron linen blouse (with gold metallic threads, hence the gold jewelry). *Old B.Mak bag. *Ole Bueno "caramel" sandals. *Various gold/gold-toned jewelry.

The pendant is a clip-on earring haha...

I liked this one well enough...out to lunch and thrifting with a friend, and I wore it the next day to dinner with Handsome buttoned up without the tank, which I just plain preferred.

These thrifted EF crepe pull-on crops are the last summer purchase I made (about 6 weeks ago). I saw them on Nordstrom's site last year for an insane $225...I paid $12. They couldn't be more perfect for me...I mean, pick a blouse, any blouse, and I can probably make it work with these crops. Lightweight, cool, drapes beautifully, perfect fit, not too wide, hits where I like it on my leg,

*Thrifted EF crepe crops. *Thrifted Lauren cotton "referee" shirt. *Old EF organic linen tank. *Old no-name leather/suede/raffia woven bag from beach boutique. *Old Bueno "perforated" sandals. *Various silver jewelry that you've seen dozens of times.

Another pair of Marjorie Baer earrings that I've had well over 25 years...still going strong and probably considered vintage...

Around the house: Last week's overalls are great for around the house doing light housework, sewing, ironing, paperwork when there's a chance I might have to go out. But on those days when I'm for sure not going out...the Sabbath or a rainy day or a day I don't feel well...this is one of two lounge wear sets I own (all other around-the-house "outfits" are cobbled together). Handsome calls it the "Geisha girl" outfit, which I guess is better than the Hop Sing outfit hahaha!

A dreary day this week spent reading (Code of Conduct, by Brad Thor), napping, eating, and gliding around like a 1940's Hollywood starlet...

*Thrifted Sante Classics Mandarin satin (poly) lounging set...great for indoor AC, but definitely not for sitting outside on the deck, that's for sure).  I just keep it folded in the casual clothes pile...wash and wear.

I hope everyone has a lovely week!

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 8/12/23)...

I like #2 since that is more my style but I don't care for #3 at all. Maybe it's because of the heat and that outfit is too warm. 🥵


I enjoy you sharing your outfits and stories.

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 8/12/23)...

Adore your last look--how elegant and exquisite.

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 8/12/23)...

Love the black and white outfit, and I feel the same way about my gold jewelry. Gold has it's own jewel box and never sees the light of day. 

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 8/12/23)...

I love the pendant with the clip on earring. Great idea. I also love the texture of the woven raffia bag. Thanks for sharing.

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 8/12/23)...

The outfits in #1 and #2 are similar, though the jeans style and colors are different. I don't know why you don't like the first, but like the second? The style of shirts is the same, and both look good on you. 


The mandarin outfit is nice as a lounging outift. It looks comforable. 

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 8/12/23)...

Good Morning @MacDuFF    My take on outfit #1: the button down blouse looks like a loose fit so maybe the jeans need to be a slimmer cut to balance you out. Outfit #2 is what I mean. The slimmer cut pants with the button down are more proportional for you. I've learned that if I wear a fitted pant, I can wear looser tops and vice a verse.

Outfit #3 is nice for lounging around the house.

Enjoy the day ☀️

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 8/12/23)...

My favorite is #2 although you look soooo cute in all three.  


I'm just blown away by clipping on the earring to a necklace to create a new look.  I don't have a creative bone in my body and that is just behond cool.  Did I read correctly that your third outfit is your lounging, messing around at home, outfit?  Girl, that is far dressier than most things I leave the house in....LOL!

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 8/12/23)...

You don't like outfit #1 because the pale colors wash you out and aren't doing you any favors.  Honestly, the 'dad' jeans gotta go.  You are slim and they look too baggy on you.  A slightly narrower pant leg would be much more becoming on you.


The colors in #2 and #3 look great on you, particularly the black and white combo.  Silver jewelry definitely looks better with your skin tone and hair color.


I have a few Eileen Fisher pieces and love them, but the prices!  I only buy them when they go on deep discount end of season sale clearance.

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Re: What I Wore (w/e 8/12/23)...

I like all 3 of your looks, especially the close up picture of the black, white, and silver accessories. The handbag is very interesting, love it.  Must say that my favorite accessory is the little feller I notice curled up on the floor outside.