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What I Wore 4/14/24...

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Hi fashion friends.

Our weather is still fluctuating wildly, and I'm sick of it! Could we please have our two weeks of warm spring weather already!? I feel a weather rant coming on, so...quick!...let me turn to fashion...

All my wool/cashmere is stored and not to be seen until late October.  I'm getting a lot of use out of...and very pleased with...two mid-weight cotton sweaters I thrifted for transition. They work for the winter to early (cool) spring transition with varying weights of base layers. They are working so well, that I hope my days of buying wool/cashmere items for our short, so-called winter around here are, for the most part, over. (The phrase for the most part is my way of hedging my bet in case I find a cashmere sweater or two I can't live without 😁.) Heavier cotton sweaters are in my future for sure.

I did a quick closet inventory, which I do before starting the storing process and counted 135 items (jeans, tops, jackets, pants, dresses, skirts, ponchos), 15 more than I had last year. I added several jackets for transition (not a fan of me, they're functional rather than love). I also added several cropped tops to go with my Dad jeans (I think cropped, snug tops look better with slouchier wider A-line bottoms...normally, I don't wear cropped tops because BottiBelli 😮), a pair of dressier black pants, two new pairs of Dads, and several of my favorite summer jeans (AG Isabelle).

OTOH, I can still look around my closet and pick seven to 10 items (approx. the same as last year) that I can rotate out for something "new" (the one-in, one-out rule).

Some of the main reasons I'm not a fan of jackets: If I have to take it off while I'm out and about, I don't want to deal with lugging it around. If I think I might take it off, I'm fussy about what I'm wearing under the jacket. Last, but not least, they take up a lot of closet space and for what? A few weeks of wear twice a year? Not worth it IMO. (YMMV.) Thankfully, I can put together at least two outfits for each jacket I currently own, so that's a bonus...

*Mondetta light periwinkle (can't get an accurate pic of this pretty color darn it) rain jacket...nylon-like fabric with mesh lining...comfy, casual, and, I could smoosh it into my purse if I had to, but I don't go out if it's raining, unless I get caught in a downpour, in which case Murphy's Law dictates that I won't be wearing my rain jacket! 😠😂 *Calvin Klein elbow sleeve mock neck cotton tee. *Thrifted Levi's 724 straight leg jeans that I patched. *Converse Jacks.

*Thrifted Talbot's cotton jacket. *Blue/white stripe A New Day long sleeve tee. *Thrifted Levi's. *E-thrifted Isaac Mizrahi Live driving mocs.

*Thrifted Gap cotton knit dolman sleeve topper (blue, black, white threads). *Thrifted mid-wash men's Red Camel (never heard of it) 100% sturdy cotton "Dad" jeans ($5...almost exact same measurements as my $98 Levi's Dads, go figure). *CuddlDuds base layer. *Converse Jacks. (Comfy, casual outfit that, in my neck of the woods, I can wear just about anywhere, including a lazy day at home.)

A harbinger of summer is when it's warm enough to wear cropped jeans!  I like different inseam lengths, and I have several, but if you are thinking these look like floods, I tend to agree...eventually, I'll cut them a little shorter to achieve an intentionally cropped length vs. floods.  I wore this outfit out to dinner one evening and out and about a few days later.  Temps were pushing 80 in between days with much cooler temps (when I wore outfits 1 and 2)...rollercoaster!

*E-thrifted Eileen Fisher sky blue linen knit sweater (I'm pretty sure this top will end up as transition wear only because it will probably be too "heavy" for our hot/humid summers). *BLANKNYC 100% sturdy cotton cropped jeans...a very light wash denim, and, believe it or not, I think they're better quality than my AGs...go figure. *Thrifted light blue suede Steve Madden espadrilles. *E-thrifted Lucky Brand tiered necklace (all other jewelry y'all have seen a dozen times!).

Close-ups (honestly, the Mondetta is a light periwinkle)...

The braided ankle tie came with the shoes...I can easily swap out for the blue/white cotton ribbon...

Have a wonderful week ladies!

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as always, your post made me smile.

may I ask where you E-thrift? other than sites like eBay, Poshmark, Vestiare (formerly Tradesy) and Etsy are there great websites for purchasing the smart and lovely things you post?

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You look nice in all the outfits. My favorite is the E-thrifted Eileen Fisher sky blue linen sweater. Here in Seattle I could wear that 10 months of the year...maybe even 12 if inside in over chilled location.


Also like the red Talbot's jacket. I'm a sucker for the right red top. These days I don't wear structured jackets often.I am usually wearing zip up yoga style jackets or zip up sweaters. Not fashionable, but practical for my life these days.

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The red jacket !🤌

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@MacDuFF- Looking good. Love the jackets.

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Love #1 and #4 on youSmiley Happy

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As usual, you are so put together!  I love especially the red jacket and shoes in #2.  And I really like #4 - the color of that sweater is perfect and I really like the jeans.  You are so nice and trim - I envy you!  What is your secret?  I battle with my weight constantly!!! 

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This week all were winners.  They would certainly fit my lifestyle.  You look great I all of them.

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My favorite this week.

I like your red jacket and shoes with jeans and stripe tee. Very nice outfit.

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@MacDuFF Love it, love them all!  Real clothing for a real life!  Woman Very Happy  You always look put together and confident!