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Re: Went through Fall/Winter clothes in closet...

@ALRATIBA   I got it. Sometimes I can take pants to be altered, but unless the tops were quite expensive, I don't bother. Sweaters and knits are really difficult to fix. 

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Re: Went through Fall/Winter clothes in closet...

@wilma wrote:

I'm always reevaluating the items in my closet.  I keep a bag in my basement for cast offs. When it's full, I take it to a donation center. There's a few things down there now. 


I do a big wardrobe purge twice a year. If I haven't worn it in the last year I pull it out. I try everything on that I'm thinking of getting rid of. I want to like it, but it also needs to fit, flatter, serve a purpose, and be comfortable. I tried on a dress I bought before the pandemic. I wore it once - got compliments - loved it. I tried it on the other day and hated it. 😳 🤔 In the donation bag it went. 


If I notice I'm rationalizing and trying to come up with reasons to keep something, then it probably needs to go. If I'm still having trouble deciding whether or not to keep something, I ask myself, "Would I buy this today?" Answering that question usually removes any doubts. 

@wilma   I do the exact same thing.  I always have a bag in process of being filled........not just clothes!  Your question - Would I buy this today? is a good deciding factor.....right up there with "What was I thinking?" Woman Very Happy


I have never regretted anything I donated.  Once it is gone, it is out of my thoughts.  Woman Wink

Fear not Brothers and Sisters! I have read THE BOOK..........we win!!!
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Re: Went through Fall/Winter clothes in closet...

OP----BRAVO-----I love what you did and tips offered up to us---I do kind of the same thing---well not exactly, as I have a tiny closet now due to a downsizing, but did get rid of alot of stuff before I moved--and I did take pictures of the faves in my closet, as well as the saved clothes from when my 2 were little;  then sent them to find a new home. Taking pics of the things you THINK you can't  live without is a great idea--I did that with dishes, furniture too. Even the new lighting fixtures I had when my house was ungoing some updating--dang ---I hated leaving those lights---I really did love them--but I have pics to remind me so I can get them again for a new house----maybe!!! Smiley Happy