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Talbots has a wedge that looks very wearable.
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I don't do high heels anymore. Two inches are about my limit. But, I have seen a pr of 3 in wedges, I am considering. I just wonder if  anyone here has a pr, and if they are comfortable? I am posting here because I think  it gets more traffic than the other forums

I love wedge shoes.  I do not however like any real platform on them.  I don't wear high heels often but wedges work for me.  Cole Haan makes some fabulous wedges.


I also dislike platforms. I did try a pair once, but found it awkward to walk in the shoe. I have swapped out most of my heels for wedges. Wedges are easier to wear & give me more stability. I think some wedges can be very dressy - depends on the style & material. 

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@RollTideRoll2008  I saw those and really liked them