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I agree with others that a tea length or long dress or skirt would be lovely. I don't think you should wear black, unless you mix it with another color. Silver or gold would be pretty, as would a holiday color. I also think lace or velvet would be nice. Since you're her aunt, you will know the bridesmaids' colors so you won't duplicate them. 


I've been to a few holiday weddings, including one in November 2018 but in the afternoon. They are lovely!  Smiley Happy

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Re: Wedding Guest Dress?

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@elainemasey   The question is what are your comfortable wearing?  You are NOT the mother of the bride so any length cocktail dress will work.  You can go for a formal short dress to the knee or whatever you are comfortable with.   The dress below is from Nordstrom under formal dresses by Alfred Sung on sale.  It's a high/low but beautiful in this color for the holidays.


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What is your preference? Favorite colors, style?

What don't you like? I'm sure we'd all like to help you out with some ideas but you have to give us something to go on first

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Maybe it’s a local thing or maybe because it was summer— was a guest at a Saturday night wedding in an elegant Philadelphia hotel.  The wedding party as well as the 2 mothers wore gowns.  There was not another one on anyone of any relationship or of any age.  Also no tuxes beyond the wedding party.



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Thank you ladies. I will see my sister Sunday so hopefully I'll get some more information.  

I definitely do not have the legs for a short dress, but I like the idea of tea length, and a dressy skirt and top....ooh and velvet.    I'll take a look at the Louis Dell'olio suggested. 

I know it's a year off, but I've started looking for fun.


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Since it's your niece and things should be so much better by then, I would go all out and celebrate with a full length gown. I think navy and silver combined is great for a Winter wedding. You could also do plain navy with silver accessories. Or pale blue with silver, that's gorgeous.


You don't have to spend lots of money, there are bargains to be found online. 

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I have lots of nieces and nephews ... this is what I've always worn to their weddings - all here in NYC. Your location might figure into it.


I'd wear my usual .....


Black cocktail dress with glitzy jacket, off-black stockings and dressy flats (I can't wear heels).


(I have a collectoin of black dresses and dressy jackets/vests.)

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Re: Wedding Guest Dress?

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@Goldengate8361 wrote:

Any length of dress or skirt would be fine as long as the outfit is sufficiently dressy. Even "black tie" does not necessarily mean "long evening gown." I think it is much more modern to NOT wear long gowns at formal events.

I agree. I don't think 'formal' or 'evening attire' necessarily requries an evening gown these days... You'll have lots of options and lots of time to perhaps learn what others are leaning toward wearing...

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Dillard's always has many choices of this type of clothing . . . and often with sleeves of various lengths which I love since I'm so cold!  Many of the dresses include jackets as well. You've got a year to look and watch their winter sales, which is helpful for next years winter wedding.

Your sister will give you more information on colors and lengths, etc. Hope you find the perfect gown or dress for the wedding. Dillard's is were I found a long gown for my niece's wedding a few years ago in Tampa. It was my first place to shop and about the third gown I tried on. Easy and not very time consuming, which is my kind of shopping. And, I've worn it on a couple of other occasions here! I simply "shopped my closet" since no one in Lincoln had seen the dress. LOL


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I would wait until closer to the event.  Perhaps other choices will be made by then, and you will "blend" better for the photos.