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I think the dresses are gorgeous! I love the first wedding gown it looks like a cape not sleeves till you see the back. 

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I think both dresses are feminine. I understand that first-time brides will most always choose white, but there are many 2nd marriages that are elegant, and that pink gown would be a perfect choice for some. BTW - I love the sleeves on the first dress.

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Thank you for the larger pics @greeneyedlady . : )

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It would be interesting to see the first one with the sleeves forming a shawl back.  I think I would like that.

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Both gowns are stunning, elegant and appealing.  I think they look perfect on the models but my days are over wearing such form fitting gowns!!!!!!  LOL

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I love it! It's so feminine and feels ethereal-different than what you usually see. It would be perfect for a spring and summer wedding that would be cooler without going strapless or the tank straps. 

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Totally agree with you.  



@Trinity11 wrote:

Pretty but I am old school. We got married in a church and those gowns probably would not be appropriate...

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Re: Wedding Gown Sleeves

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Ivory one is pretty, but the open back is a bit much.


What are we talking as far as cost?

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LOVE the arms in the first two dresses!Smiley Happy  Anyone can wear them and shine on her day!!!

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Pretty....BUT...the white dress with the cape style is a bit awkward and impractical as it would get in the way of eating or drinking and you would always have to be worried about that especially because it being so delicate.  But if you were just going to stand around and not hug anyone...yeah, beautiful.