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Alberti has such a cute, boyish face. Wonder how old he is?

~Nick Chavez is my favorite vendor on QVC and Alberti Popaj is my favorite QVC host.~
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He's great!!

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Brett Chukerman--HSN host--just put Trish McEvoy eyebrow pencil on HIMSELF!

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Alberti did quite well hosting the Josie Moran show early this morning. And Josie seemed to genuinely like working with him.

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Alberti is a breath of fresh air. He comes across as intelligent, confident and a fabulous personality -- give him a chance to mold his presentation skills, just like any skill, it takes some time to perfect it. Lighten up people.

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On 6/18/2014 Chi-town girl said:
On 6/18/2014 Porcelain said:

Oh please. I saw him put on a hat once as a joke. He doesn't model items. He has to enjoy the items he sells and show enthusiasm or else everyone would complain about him being uninformed or a grumpy gus.

He can't act traditionally masculine <em>and</em> show deep product knowledge about women's makeup and clothing at the same time. It's not a traditional male interest. That's why the other male hosts can't do it. Can't have it both ways.

I am very uncomfortable witnessing what comes across as biased and obsessively negative behavior in this forum. This thread is for people who wish Alberti <em>well</em> on QVC.

Porcelain-THANK YOU! Sorry you have to endure the ugliness of some posters who think they are entitled to constantly create conflict or hurl criticism because they don't like certain mannerisms of hosts or vendors. Yes, way too much hostility and negativity on this board. Don't let it deter you from posting nor pushing back when necessary. One very positive development lately is the webbies are stepping in more and not allowing as much of this dialog. So just report it when you see it and "we" can influence a positive environment for this community.

I agree with you both 100%. Alberti is doing an excellent job and he is makes you smile when watching him. Negativity from a lot of these threads is really sad and I think most readers are getting tired of seeing the biases and ugliness of some of those posters exposed and are reporting it to the webbies. Let us continue to bring out the best of humans and not the ugliness!!!

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Love watching him and wish him well!

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We encompasses everyone.... not everyone likes him. Why does everyone have to like anyone?

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I haven't seen him yet but if you really do like and apprectiate him, you better buy something from the shows he hosts. Because that is ALL Qvc cares about. He isn't there to entertain us, he's there to sell merchandise.