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Re: Watch Your Shipping Charges


What I buy at QVC--Linea--is exclusive to QVC, so I'm stuck with the shipping charges. But, were it not for my addiction to Linea, I would not shop here and pay shipping costs, along with SLOW delivery.


In a retail age of free and fast shipping, QVC is way behind the times. I wonder why they can compete at all!

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Re: Watch Your Shipping Charges

I guess I am in the minority but I think S/H is a bargain. What would it cost to hire a person  to do this for you?


It comes right to my door. I don't have the hastle of shopping at a mall, or the expense of gas, and the parking issue either


People are getting paid to pack the merchandise and you are paying for shipping materials.


I just spent $100 at Hsn and everything was shipped for free


If you by things on special sometimes it is shipped for free.  It's only a few dollars, and its saves me time and trouble


I think the postal service is one of the biggest bargains going. If Q makes a profit from shipping so what? They are a business after all.


If I were so upset about this I would shop elsewhere

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Re: Watch Your Shipping Charges

I never have to worry about shipping charges! I only shop stores with free shipping and free next day delivery! Done! Woman Happy

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