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Re: Want to Dance? Is Romance Dead!



Yes -- blessed!  I do more dancing by myself though!  

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Re: Want to Dance? Is Romance Dead!

@dulwich Well we are ready!  LOL!!!  We took ballroom dancing in our 30's and it was so much fun.


Once hubby was away on business and I went to class expecting to dance with the teacher.  She snagged one of her young guys who was in an advanced class to be my partner.  Thought I would DIE.


I was in pretty good shape but oh my lord we whirled and sped around the big dance floor turning and changing directions and doing such huge steps I could barely keep up


If you have never danced with someone like that it is a whole different deal.  You are basically pushing against one another in a tight dance frame, in a death grip, and you WILL go with the flow.  It was not romantic but more like gymnastics.  Waltzing is very demanding. 


It was an experience, loved it and it was breathtaking (in the true sense of the word) but once WAS enough!  Woman Embarassed