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Did anyone simply ask what was going on?

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@Just Bling 
But since they told you it was all packed up, what does that have to do with a shortage? Shortage would be if it were never there.  Seems like it was there but now it's being moved somewhere else.

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Another Qspiracy?

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My thought regarding shortages is that there is quite a demand and will continue to be a demand due to the crisis.


Manufacturers only can make so much so if there is a continuous demand for these essentials, a shortage will occur.


No conspiracy, just an observation, not an alarm, I'm pretty well set with everything I may need.  Just wanted to share how shocked I was and wanted to share.




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My Walmart is always low on stock, I only go in there for stuff I know will be cheaper and usually order online anyway for cat food and litter. 

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There is ALWAYS a rush the week before Easter

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@Just Bling wrote:

Has to do with someone purchasing for the crisis.

@Just Bling What crisis are you referring to? Where is this Walmart located?


I thought we were coming out of the crisis.  You see one coming in?

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As others have said, I've seen this happen at our Walmart when they are redoing their shelves and moving things to other isles for more room for all the products.

If they are packing things up it is for a reason. He didn't say, they were out of stock right?

What crisis are you talking about? The Suez canal? Or the variants to the virus?

It is alarming to see this in a store but there is usually a good reason for packing things up.

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A lady from my church works for two different Wal Marts.. She told me shortages in several areas. One problem is materials to make containers to hold food products. She said glass jars are getting thinner. She said Ball Jars are struggling making  jars for canning. Underwear was also short in supply she said. She said the supply chain has problems and encouraged me to stock up on dry goods. 

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There are people coming with just the clothes on their back, they need the basic supplies for personal health.  There are small children that need clean clothes, shoes on their feet, that's the crisis.


I personally was surprised so I thought I would share, nothing more to read into this.