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@mspemberley wrote:

Very impressive price point! I ordered a Stan Herman caftan last week and paid $50. The caftan is really nice and I love Stan Herman and it was delivered quickly. I hope it washes well, the reviews say it does. Definitely a want and not a need though. I'll have to check out Walmart dresses. 
i have noticed that (for me at least) QVC shipping has improved. Orders are arriving in less than ten days. Surprised and delighted at fast deliveries. 

I bought that caftan last year and love it.  Washes well.  I would have purchased another one but 10.00 more than what I paid last year so I passed.  I figured one is enough.


Clothing has gone up on Q and local stores as well.  So I am being more picking on what I purchase and looking for special pricing and deals.  I love that garment and would have not thought much about the price it is now because of the quality, but I paid less so not going to do it plus I have one.

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Time and Tru jeans are great! 

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I always browse through the clothing and pajamas at Walmart.  I have gotten some nice pieces there.  Just this winter I picked up 4 light weight sweaters.  Time and Tru brand.  They are fully fashioned mock neck with a bit of a drop needle knit detail in the front.  They were $12.86 each.  They sold out fast in the store and on line.  I have washed and worn them and they are still like new.


I also found some slim fitting pants in the Time and Tru brand.  They are ankle pants on me as I am only 5' 5".  They were clearanced out for $3.00.  I got the camel color and the black.  Love them!


The Secret Treasures brand of pajamas are nice too.   Just last week I got two pairs.  The tops are a nice French terry and the bottoms are knit bike short type.  I had looked at them before but did not buy them.  Glad I waited as they were clearanced out for $9.00 a set.  

I like the Time and Tru tshirts too.  Like others here have mentioned, they are great for around the house.  I do not wear an apron when I cook and sometimes get a stain on some of my tops.  Or a bleach spot when I do laundry or clean.  

Take a look on your next Walmart trip.  You may be surprised what you can find!

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I always try to make a quick trip through the clothing department at Walmart. I've also found some great items. I LOVE Time and Tru jeans! The fit is perfect for me and the price is right--$19.98!!!

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Thanks for posting your great find. I have a tendency to buy things from QVC because the fashions are modeled and the hosts are great salespeople! Then I’ll be strolling through Kohl’s or Target and they have items just as cute for MUCH less. I wish I didn’t get sucked in so easily! I just went on Macy’s website and found 3 cute tops and a dress for summer. Spent a total of $72 and got free shipping since I have their credit card and also get free returns if I don’t like the fit. QVC prices have become ridiculous and then shipping and return charges have discouraged me from purchasing as frequently as I used to.
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@PickyPicky3 wrote:

Tonight Walmart delivered some items from a ship order as they sometimes do. I was watching the tracker and went to the door when the driver came into my neighborhood.


I saw a woman open her trunk and pick out a package, but she got back into the car. Up my walk came an adorable 4-year-old boy with a big grin, so proud to be helping his mom. I believe giving children responsibilities appropriate for their age is what builds true self-esteem.


Better for him to be with her at work and not with a babysitter. Is this a 100% safe practice? No, but safe enough.


For me, it felt like reverse trick-or-treat.





Better for him to be out experiencing and learning under Mom's supervision than in front of the tv.


From about age six, I LOVED being downtown at my famliy's shoe store.  I would sit beside my Victorian grandmother as she watched over everything.  She was amazing.  I learned SO much and was handling my own allowance a few years later.

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I discovered Walmart "around the house" many years ago.  I've been known to paint and refinish furniture in their "around the house" brands.  Lol.  

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Last winter I bought two sets of Secret Treasures winter pajamas.  They're so comfortable and warm without being overly warm or bulky.  The fabric is like a velour.  It washes like a dream.  Actually, I have some pj sets that are far more expensive from name brands and the Secret Treasures from Walmart are my favorite. 


I also purchase several Terra & Sky or Time and Tru V-neck T-shirts for the summer which I wear around the house.  They're inexpensive, wash well and are comfortable.  

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The Terra and Sky cotton/modal t-shirts are wonderful.  So soft and available in many pretty colors.  Quality is good as well. I think they are $8.98. 

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I used to be able to find cheaper nightwear at Walmart in the 15.00 range.  Problem was they got away from cotton and cotton blends.  All that poly or whatever is too hot for me.  So I am reduced to spending almost $100.00 at Vermont Country Store for 100% cotton flannel winter nightgowns.  They are worn until they are tissue thin.  I rotate three of them, my favorite is Eileen West and second comes Lanz.  Still working on a good 100% cotton nighgown for summer.  Found one on Amazon, but it's gone now.