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denim jackets in right now around 20-25. 4 pockets


Just sayin'..........

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@SharkE.  What kind of colors?

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just the indigo blue I've got plenty, but, wanted to tell others since they're cheaper.


I just bought, by the way, Carole Hochman's zip up robe for half price in navy blue.     A302170


navy is about sold out and it's hard to find house robes with deep patch pockets any more just those stupid side seam pockets. This was only 26

I leaped on it and 'L' is almost sold out.



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I've been able to find Carol Hochman for great prices at Costco in the past.  At the beginning of summer found a 3 piece summer set (shorts, capri, and tank) for $11.99.  Been great for summer sleeping

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Wish we had a Costco and a Macy's

I'm going to Ind in Sept I'm hitting the Macy's !

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Walmart ... was at my local WM yesterday and bought DGD essential tees and a capri legging for $1.00 each on summer clearance!  

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I get great clothing buys at Walmart and Costco.  When on sale I can get jeans and or jackets for less than $15.  I do not buy clothing from the Q anymore because they cannoty match  the price point or even quality I find in these two mentioned stores.  

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I buy my jeans at Costco.  The Jessica Simpson brand.  The 8/29 size fits me just like they were custom made for me.  I got several colors last year in addition to the traditional denim color.  They have been great!  

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