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@sherrikay wrote:

@mattyliz  if i could find clothing made in the states,believe me,i would buy.ll bean used to make some clothes here,but not really like to know,what does china have,that the good old usa doesnt?we certainly have skilled workers  in this country



China has the workers and they also have the latest technology in factory equipment/assembly and the infrastructure to support all of it. We don't have that here. Most of our stuff is outdated or nonexistent and there are no skilled workers who can do the job.

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I recently purchased an American Giant hoodie for my son. American Giant manufactures in this country from materials sourced in this country. It was $118. *That* is why more goods aren’t produced here.
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I have purchased quite a few clothing items from WM and I've been very pleased. The only thing I had an issue with was a pair of Time and Tru peep toe heels.  They were adorable but they were so uncomfortable.  They had awesome reviews but then when I really read the reviews, most of them were from "incentivized" reviews. 


My local store doesn't have the best selection but Walmart has really fast free s/h (if you order over $35.00) or it's very easy to do a ship to the store.  And if something doesn't work out, it can be returned to the store, as long as it's sold through Walmart and not a third party seller.