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newbie here. I bought A251579 tank. It is so soft. But after washing it is so wrinkled after drying overnight. Is this normal? Is all WK like this?

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Some wrinkle even folded in a drawer. I would take a hand held steamer and put on a hanger to steam out the wrinkles. I usually do that when the WKs arrive -- steam out the package fold wrinkles.

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I machine wash whisperknits inside out on cold then lay them out flat to dry, smoothing out wrinkles in advance. Some of the ladies tumble theirs in the dryer on low. Stay tuned, and I'm sure you'll get lots of advice to keep your WKs wrinkle free.{#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

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I throw mine in the dryer for 10 min. on low & then lay out flat to dry. I haven't had any wrinkling with this method. Any wrinkles that might occur from folding in the drawer generally smooth out with wearing in my experience. And I have a LOT of experience.

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I machine wash and than put them in the dryer for about two minutes just long enough for them to get warm than I hang them to dry and they loose all the washing machine wrinkles this way.