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Thanks @shoptilyadropagain    I really wish I had done more regular purging before things got out of control.  I seem to have gone from one extreme, rarely purging, to the other, ongoing.


Hey @wilma    You might remember during The Purge that I did a lot of totalling things up.  A few times, I totalled up how much I'd paid for the items in my donation bag.  It was one heck of a huge amount of $$ per bag.  IIRC, I ended up donating 35-40 large shopping bags.  I was stunned at the amount of money wasted.  "Ruthless" is absolutely the right word...IMO, to do a good purge, you need to be ruthless.  Thanks for sharing your purging story!


@queendiva   Thanks for sharing your story, too.  I would dearly love to see your wardrobe!!   Your Sunday church outfit sounds just beautiful.  I'm kind of jealous about the designer thrift sale haha!!  Keeping to a narrower color pallette is something I'm trying to do, but, as y'all know, I sometimes get hung up on unusual pieces/colors, and then have nothing to wear with them.  OTOH, I've been doing surprisingly well with the low-buy thrift only challenge, so maybe an old dog really can learn a new trick!


Hope everyone is having a wonderful week.

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@MacDuFF :I am also doing well on the no buy/ thrift only fashion challenge. 

No guilt on the rare occasion when I do purchase at retail, but everything about the item must meet my Buy criteria, and that does not happen often.