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Hello fashion friends.   I logged on every night this week and fully intended to respond to all the nice posts from last week (thank you!  ), but I just ran out of's becoming a real problem I tell ya. I didn't even have the energy to think of a clever title for this week's doesn't even need one!  I'm done with over-thinking every danged thing.

We finally had a few cool fall days this week and started to see some fall colors popping thru the trees. We'll have another week or so of fluctuating between warm and cool fall temps before we move to steady cool weather for 5-6 weeks and then a few months or so of what passes for winter here in the Piedmont area of NC. No complaints!

I've been working on transitional wear this year...added some pieces (most were thrifted), made a few mistakes haha, focused on jackets and a looser/baggier fit on the bottom, which I've been experimenting with and where I made my costliest mistake.

Couple of edits: One of the grands absconded with my moon boots...she "borrowed" them, but I doubt I'll get them back, which is fine. I had a few weeks of fun with them, and she loves them. And I think I mentioned the weird laundry soap smell that seemed to have permeated the thrifted Susan Graver camo joggers. Well, the black pair started it, too...a very strong laundry soap smell that got worse with each wash is the only way to describe it, but Handsome thought it smelled like perfumed chemicals. I couldn't get them out of the house fast enough. Loss = $7ish...less than the Q try-on fee haha. Onward and upward!

This pic was in a Talbot's catalog I received this week. I suppose I would have eventually thought of doing this with the Tahari star sweater and thrifted down Liz Claiborne vest from last week's thread, but the light bulb went off as soon as I saw it...


I'll start wearing this outfit (or with black jeans) in a few weeks and into winter with base layers...



*Thrifted Appleseed lightweight cardigan  *Thrifted Eileen Fisher cotton blouse  *AG Harper jeans  *Converse pink/white convertible sneaks  *Thrifted Vera Bradley tote

*Thrifted Tahari navy jacket  *White cami bralette  *Levi's Dad jeans  *Eileen Fisher blue suede peep toes  *Jessica Simpson faux leather studded bag

*Thrifted NWT (beach consignment) J. McLaughlin lightweight quilted vest  *Reversible (scoop and crew neck) embroidered "lace" base layer, which I bought for the sleeves haha  *AG Harper  *Indigo Co cowgirl boots  *Red Sak

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!...

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@MacDuFF  You've done it again - you've styled everything so wonderfully. That interpretation is cuter than the original!

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My fav is the Interpretation....clean, fresh, fun look.  Enjoy!

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@MacDuFF  I love every outfit! You look so cute in your straight leg jeans and cowgirl boots. Wow!

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Re: WIW (w/e 10/22/22)...

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Your outfits are always so fresh and fun!


I get a lot of great styling ideas from you.



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@MacDuFF    Your interpretations of outfits you see are spot on. I really like the white puffer vest over the Tahari sweater.

The floral cardigan looks great on you and is something you could probably wear over the next few weeks before it gets too cold.

Good job! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Re: WIW (w/e 10/22/22)...

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Just back from DS's wedding! My MOG gown; perfection. Bride's mom looked fabulous, too. Bought my gown at an upscale consigment boutique. Fit to perfection and very detailed as well as figure flattering, and required no alterations. Meant to be.


Also love the inspo- especially with black bottoms.

Focus on your thrifted items: Navy Tahari jacket and J. McLaughlin puffer jacket- major scores!! Also gotta love an EF white top.


Also a fan of the pretty sleeves on the white top.


Just a few thrift finds this week: a pair of SAS black croc loafers,like new. Original retail:$159.00 for $9.00 Very comfortable.


The rest were all from a thrift on half price day- all in perfect condition:

j.jill down filled knee length puffer coat- wine color with detachable hood.

Talbots black faux curly lamb jacket

Faux chinchilla fur jacket-very light weight

Dress with black knit top, v-neck & 3/4 sleeves and black lace and sequin ballgown skirt with nude lining. Perfect size and length for my petite self. No label.


$20.00 for all.



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Great looks as always.  My favorites are your interpretation outfit and #2 with the Tahari jacket!

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@MacDuFF  Love all your looks. I especially like #2, so casually chic, like you!

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Wow!  You have an excellent, very reasonably-priced thrift shop in your area!


Good for you!  And for us, too, for inspiration.

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