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WIW: This & That & Inspo/Interp (w/e 10/15/22)...

Hello fashion friends. We're moving from our usual mix of hot weather one day and warm weather the next into warm and cool.  Just beautiful weather lately.

#1  A repeat from this past spring...

*Thrifted Lauren brown/white shirt
*Thrifted Talbot's woven belt
*Levi's Dad jeans
*American Leather Co bag; Bueno woven sandals

#2  Lunch with gf...

*Tahari black/white "star" sweater (Marshall's)
*Thrifted Levi's straight
*Indigo Co "cowgirl" boots (Rack)
*The Sak bag (Rack)

#3  Inspo/Interpretation...

Inspo pic (from last week's FF thread)

My interpretation...while I love monochromatic outfits on others, I didn't like it on me, so this is an almost monochromatic look haha.  Also,  @teganslaw I felt ridiculous wearing white jeans in mid-October, MacRule:  No white between October 1st and May 1st, which allows for a few weeks after Labor Day and before Memorial Day to wear white if weather allows and to be able to claim I'm still a rebel!  I ultimately wore this outfit without the vest (too warm) and liked it.

*Thrifted down Liz Claiborne quilted vest
*Thrifted men's American Eagle denim shirt
*Levi's straight jeans
*Elliott Lucca bag
*Moon boots

Close up of SS pendant (old, Marshall's, worn short in the vee in interpretation pic)...beautiful piece made in Israel

I hope you're having beautiful weather, too.

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Re: WIW: This & That & Inspo/Interp (w/e 10/15/22)...

My fave outfits are 1 and 2.  But absolutely love that pendant!!  So unusual. 

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Re: WIW: This & That & Inspo/Interp (w/e 10/15/22)...

@MacDuFF : Great outfits. I especially like your interpretation of the inspo photo. And similar to you, I only like white jeans as part of a black & white story come October, but in reality I hardly ever wear white jeans. Will try to work them into the wardrobe next spring.

As always- love your thrifted items and the way you make accessories that you already own work with new clothing combinations. So creative and inspirational!


I'm still crushing it at thrifts and yesterday at garage sales in my community. Too many items to list, but labels this week include: LOGO (jeggings), Coldwater Creek, Lands End, Eddie Bauer, j.jill (NWT), Eileen Fisher and Lauren by Ralph Lauren hooded wool fingertip length coat with cool turnlock closures. I also found the matching red cashmere tee to last week's Charter club cashmere cardi. Finding natural fibers like pure wool, cotton and cashmere, which I guess women don't like for the extra care they require. I don't mind taking a thrifted wool or cashmere coat to the dry cleaner once a year. I wash wool and cashmere sweaters at home on delicate and dry flat. Just did 2 of the newly thrifted goodies last night.


Accessories: 2 cheap, fun and sparkly rings and 2 pr. earrings, one of which is 14K.

SAS loafers that sell for $159.00 for $9.00- like new.


Have a wonderful week all! I will be wearing my all-time fave thrifted dress (gown) to my baby's wedding next weekend.

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Re: WIW: This & That & Inspo/Interp (w/e 10/15/22)...

 @MacDuFF  Great looks! My favorites are the dad jeans, the vest, and the gorgeous pendant.

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Re: WIW: This & That & Inspo/Interp (w/e 10/15/22)...

@MacDuFF- I wish we were friends and wore the same size in clothing, so I could raid your closet.


I really like the outfits you put together.

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Re: WIW: This & That & Inspo/Interp (w/e 10/15/22)...


Hello. My favorite outfit is the first one with the belt and dad jeans.   It's casual and put together without looking like you were trying too hard to put it together.  👚👖


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Re: WIW: This & That & Inspo/Interp (w/e 10/15/22)...

I like them all.  I like everything.  My least favorite is the Tahari shirt with the big star.  It looks great on you.  It would not look that well on a dwarf like me.  Otherwise, everything is so well chosen and beautiful and you look magnificent. 

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Re: WIW: This & That & Inspo/Interp (w/e 10/15/22)...

Three great looks.  Probably #2 and #3 are my favorites.  I love the SS pendant and, of course, I love your silver bracelets as well.

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