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WIW: Circus Pants (w/e 8/6/22)...

Hello fashion friends. I'm moving right along with my goals of (1) taking a pic of everything in my closet; and (2) wearing everything in my closet!

I've worn just about every summer piece I own several times thus far, and have several different ways (outfits) to wear each piece, too. I have plenty of outfits for any occasion, "fashion" spending has gone waaaay down, and my wardrobe has never been so versatile.

Except for the necklace in #2 (another hack haha) and the top and jeans in #3, everything is old, and I've been wearing these exact outfits (and a few different iterations) as well as all the accessories for 3-5 summers.


A few pieces of jewelry were thrifted, otherwise everything was purchased in B&M stores on sale.

All three outfits are unusual for me because I'm not fond of most prints.  They're all lightweight and super comfy though...

#1  Dinner/date night

*Eileen Fisher woven organic linen top (doesn't wrinkle and much deeper color in real time...almost a periwinkle)
*Chico's linen flowered relaxed pants (minimal, mid-tone blue and periwinkle in rl...more depth/bolder than the pic shows)

#2  Lunch with one gf one day; lunch with another gf another day.  ::)

Chico's link necklace hack...didn't like/want goldtone chain, so removed and replaced with an off-white cotton braided "rope," which also gives me versatility with the length

*Focus textured cotton top (beach boutique)
*JJill cropped rayon...over $100 when I first saw them in-store.  Granted, the colors, drape, hand, etc. are beautiful, but not over $100 worth.  About a year later, I ran across them online (JJill site) for $17.  Makes you wonder what kind of markup these companies are taking, or are they writing it off as a loss on their taxes?  Whatever.  I love them and fondly call them my circus pants. :D

*The tiny earrings are sterling and blue turquoise
*@itsmagic  I've gone bag charm crazy haha (old pendant)

#3   Thrifting and errand day

*Melloday hippie blouse $15 Rack
*BlankNYC "Baxter" baggy cropped jeans $20 Rack

I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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Re: WIW: Circus Pants (w/e 8/6/22)...

 @MacDuFF   Beautiful pieces and beautiful styling!

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Re: WIW: Circus Pants (w/e 8/6/22)...

I like that last one the best!

that is so cute! Colors, style, everythingSmiley Happy

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Re: WIW: Circus Pants (w/e 8/6/22)...



I absolutely love every single thing here!  OMG!  Amazing!  I am especially enamoured with the last top - the red printed one!  You are so nice and trim --- I am envious!  You look wonderful in all your outfits!!!  You inspire me to try harder to trim some lbs. off!!! 

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Re: WIW: Circus Pants (w/e 8/6/22)...

I love that you match your shoes and handbag....I do too and I was told that I am too "matchy matchy"...LOL

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Re: WIW: Circus Pants (w/e 8/6/22)...

Every outfit looks phenominal!  Now I need you at my house!  Where did you get the idea to take pics of all your clothes?  I've never heard of that, but good idea!

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Re: WIW: Circus Pants (w/e 8/6/22)...

@MacDuFF :


LOVE each outfit! What makes them extra special are the ways you accessorize them: shoes, bags and jewelry. Takes nice clothes to the next level. Like you, I find that I am wearing more woven tops this summer.


While I thrift shopped this week, I picked up just one fashion item: a new black patent belt for $2. 

Honorable mention: a Tencel dress on clearance at Marshall's for $18.

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Re: WIW: Circus Pants (w/e 8/6/22)...

@MacDuFF   Your date night and lunch with girlfriend's outfits are wonderful. I really like the red printed top on you with the red straw bag (which is one of my favorites from your collection). 
I'm impressed that you continue to make new outfits by mixing ang matching items you already have in your closet.

Have a great day.

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Re: WIW: Circus Pants (w/e 8/6/22)...

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Thank you and hello to @Desert Lily@on the bay@AngelPuppy1@queendiva, and @Lisa Y  (I'm going to cry when that red straw bag is a goner, which I hope is not for a long, long time).


(Note, for anyone keeping track haha, the Kate Spade navy and straw sandals were returned.)


@Nataliesgramma   I don't have to match exactly, but like shoes and bags to at least "go with" each other.  In real life, none of the shoes and bags in the pics exactly match haha.   But they're definitely in the ballpark. The only other sandals I own that I could have used for each outfit are my black Croc flip flops (to which I default often).  And I suppose I could have carried my straw bag in each outfit.  Now you've got me anyone who cares to matching your bag and shoes somehow (what word should I use so as to not ruffle any feathers!!) old-school?  @DiAnne I think you mentioned this issue recently on PBs...?


Hi and thank you @Dar321. A bit of Q forum history...


I'm an OG on the Q forums...a veteran of two system upgrades (using "Q" and "upgrade" in the same sentence is a laugh). I've taken two long breaks (about a year each) and several shorter breaks from the boards. Even so, I don't believe I missed a long, ongoing thread with pics before @lolakimono, who was the first Q poster to post pics of her daily outfits.


"Ms Loki" (as @SharkE affectionately calls her) had a thread named "Resolutions" wherein she posted her outfits for two years (2014 and '15). She resolved to not purchase and instead remixed her pieces to make different outfits and had enough clothes and creativity to do it for 2 years! To me, she was absolutely the inspiration and forerunner to all the outfit pics and threads you see posted here all these years later.


The pic of me in this thread from May, 2017, was the first pic I posted. I think it's the first pic I ever took specifically to show an outfit. I remember looking at it and thinking, "This outfit is boring!" I didn't like the poncho over the tank...I didn't like the long jeans with it...I didn't like the color of the jeans with it...I didn't like the sandals.  How come I didn't notice all that when I looked in the mirror? (BTW, reading this old thread, I realize I actually named the OOTD, if you dare thread and was instrumental in getting that ball rolling.)


I still have the poncho and will come back in a few days and show you how I wear it now.


When I started taking pics (selfies in my bedroom), I was amazed at the different perspective I had on how I viewed my outfit (and styling choices). I also take side and back view pics of pieces before I remove the tags haha.


I use the pics to critique my outfits and to try different styling to see which I like better. I toggle back and forth asking myself which I like better...this one or that one, like at the eye doctor hahaha.  Yes, I totally recognize how weird all this is!


I originally wanted to archive what I had in my closet, but this is really not necessary because, since the Year-long Great and Terrible Closet Purge, I can now open my closet doors and see everything I own. Mostly, the pics help me to remember how I put an outfit together.


To (finally!) answer your question, and to give credit where credit is due, it was Ms Loki who gave me the idea to take pics of my outfits. I hope you're not sorry you asked hahaha.


Hope everyone is having a lovely week.

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Re: WIW: Circus Pants (w/e 8/6/22)...

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You do a fabulous job of making every day a day to dress yourself for your handsome hubs.  


I have that Eileen Fisher organic linen sweater.  No, I had it.  I no longer have it.  You dress very nicely.  I cannot believe the great stuff you have thrifted.  My wardrobe budget is going down this year.  I cannot afford new clothes for a wardrobe that is not going as much as it used to.  The price of gas, groceries and medicines too high for me to buy much more.  Anyway, my closet runneth over anyway.  I really don't need anything.