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WIW: 3 dresses and then some (w/e 8/20/22)...

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Most of the accessories here have been shown before, so no close-ups.  Busy week...

#1 Lunch with gf

Focus textured blouse tied at cropped length over sleeveless thrifted Chicos dress and Converse "Jacks."

#2 Dinner/date night

Chico's necklace (which I decided I don't like with this dress) and mid-weight cotton gauze tiered dress, straw Sak, Tommy Hilfiger espadrilles.

#3 Shopping and errands

Old cotton gauze dress from World Market (thrifted black half slip underneath...dress is light as a feather), Eliott Lucca dove gray bag ( @shoptilyadropagain this was my go-to summer bag for a few years until I started buying more summer bags), Donald Pliner slides, Lucky Brand tiered necklace

#4 Lunch with gf

Thrifted cotton LaboArt charcoal jumpsuit made in Italy, thrifted Sak, thrifted espadrilles, thrifted necklace, the usual SS bracelets

#5 Thrifting day

Eileen Fisher tee, Levi's, Bueno woven sandals, Thrifted Elliott Lucca pewter bag and a mix of gold and silver jewelry.  I hope DiAnne and @Lisa Y  get a chuckle out of the pearls haha.  I'm willing to try new things, but I just didn't like the jewelry mix...maybe because I have limited gold choices.  I would have preferred gold or silver.

Close-up of pearls...faux from NM back in the day.  They are beautiful if I do say so myself...ivory, lustrous, knotted, slightly irregular shape.  Your first guess probably would not be faux (of course, those who know me know I can't afford real pearls haha).  I've had them about 40 years, but rarely wear them and can't remember the last time (more than 20 years ago)...don't know why I keep them.

These vintage Marjorie Baer earrings are the only mixed metal jewelry I own...

Hope everyone has a great week.

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Re: WIW: 3 dresses and then some (w/e 8/20/22)...

All of your looks here are wonderful 


The jumpsuit in #4 was my favorite - stylish and it looks fabulous on you. Dresses in #1 and #3 are close runner ups.


The Marc Jacobs bag in #5 is to die for.


You have such a fashion flair for putting all of these outfits together so expertly. You wear them beautifully. I liked all of your necklaces and the earrings. 


Thank you for sharing these with us. 

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Re: WIW: 3 dresses and then some (w/e 8/20/22)...

The dresses are so lovely!  Everything looks great on you, MacDuFF, you put such enthusiasm and joy in your fashions!  Clothes can be fun and make us feel good and it shows in your photos!

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Re: WIW: 3 dresses and then some (w/e 8/20/22)...

This is such a pretty summer outfit @MacDuFF .


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Re: WIW: 3 dresses and then some (w/e 8/20/22)...


You've done it again with some terrific looks from your closet, @MacDuFF .  I like how you've styled all of them. Wearing what you like shows confidence. How about trying the faux pearls with the pink gauze dress instead of the Chicos necklace? I think a long necklace over a long dress might work. Yes, change it up, mix your metals, throw caution to the wind! No vapors, please 😄.

Your "cuz",


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Re: WIW: 3 dresses and then some (w/e 8/20/22)...

I really like everything but the Old World gauze dress and the jumpsuit are a wow for me! Great finds!
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Re: WIW: 3 dresses and then some (w/e 8/20/22)...

@MacDuFF  Each of your outfits is lovely. I like the Chico's necklace on that dress, and I hope you never let go of that pretty (faux) pearl necklace.

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Re: WIW: 3 dresses and then some (w/e 8/20/22)...

@MacDuFF : Late to the WIW party, but would not miss it!


Love that you posted so many thrifted items! Also love that you wore a lot of black/white- that's the direction I am moving toward in order to further limit my wardrobe. Classic.


Love #1 and although not a thrifted item, that cotton gauze maxi dress. That's the kind of dress I live in during the summer. Cool and loung-y while looking great.


But that Italian jumpsuit!! It looks stunning on you, especially featuring your silver jewelry items.


My thrifted clothing buys from last week, featuring the aforementioned black & classics:


Black knit twill pea coat. Fits to perfection. Under $10.00


Black & white light weight knit petite tunic


Macy's Charter Club black cotton knit topper with black faux leather trim and gold zip pockets. This one feels like a substantial Italian knit. A little large, but I can make it work.


GV Amanda petite med/dark denim jeans in the size I am working toward. Classic style and always a good fit for me. Nothing better to thrift than good quality and good fitting denim- already broken in and soft.


All other items besides the pea coat were under $5.00 each.


Found a new thrift store last week and will check it out tomorrow on 25% off day.


Have a wonderful week!

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Re: WIW: 3 dresses and then some (w/e 8/20/22)...

@MacDuFF Running errands outfit nice for running errands and more!  


The jumpsuit for dinner with a gf is niiiiiice!  I like jumpsuits.  I can't always pull them off unless they are petite sizes (just like maxi dresses).


Is the color red/deep pink or something else?  It looks to be a red with a tinge of organge in it.  It's nice and breezy looking too.  I like it.  Comes across my screen as orangey/red.


As usual you dress well and am always pleased to see your styles....

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Re: WIW: 3 dresses and then some (w/e 8/20/22)...

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@DSD2   Opps...the pewter bag in #5 is another Elliott Lucca (thrifted), not Marc Jacobs.  I edited it.  (I'm losing it I tell ya!  I also messed up the numbering in my Fashion Favorites post!).  That bag is really atypical for me, so it surprised me how much I love it.  This is the first time I carried it...will no doubt use it more often with cool transitional and winter outfits.  It seems too "heavy" looking to me for summer.


@spiderw   I'm having more fun with clothes than at any other time in my life!


@Lisa Y   Throw caution to the wind?  Cuz!!!  wth.gif


@shoptilyadropagain   The Old World gauze and the jumpsuit are my two favs, too.  The OW survived the's been taken in twice.  I wear it around the house and almost always pack it for beach trips, too.  The Italian jumpsuit was one of my best thrifts ever.


@Desert Lily   I hear ya, but really...I've worn it once in 20 years...there's a clue in there for me haha.


@queendiva   I bragged recently that I stopped buying summer clothes in mid July.  I really tried, but caved yesterday and thrifted a hot pink Chico's no-iron linen blouse.  I couldn't stop myself.  You, of all posters, must know the feeling!  Did you like the new thrift store?  I'm going to a new one Thursday...could be a good thing...or a bad thing...or a good bad thing...or something haha.


@gertrudecloset   I suppose most would say "pink," but I think you're has a reddish hue (no orange at all).


@Iwantcoffee  That "pink" dress is so comfy I can wear it around the house, too.


Thank you all and hope everyone is having a nice week.


luv ya bye.gif



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