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Victoria's Secret is for sale


San Antonio Gal knew it!


According to the New York Post, "analysts say the 43-year-old brand is surging in value as it finally has begun catering to women with more diverse shapes and sizes."




"said Martin Waters, chief executive of Victoria’s Secret lingerie. 'We think we should be appealing to all women for more stages of her life [and] we haven’t always had that balance right which has led to opportunities for competitors being able to attack us.'




"'It’s so nice to see a fuller figure woman in a VS ad,' a customer recently wrote on the company’s Facebook page. 'I was in the store today and saw a lot more lingerie in larger sizes, especially the bras. Someone with the company is finally realizing beautiful women are in all sizes.'"

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Re: Victoria's Secret is for sale

smart move.    I walked into a VS store just once.  Not a single bra I could have worn by the time I was 6th grade.


Soma isn’t much better.  Last time I was there, they carried one bra that was labeled the size I was wearing.   It wasn’t even close.  I have never gone back although I know I could wear their pj’s, gowns, etc. but that kind of garment I can buy many places.

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Re: Victoria's Secret is for sale

It's smart to know your target audience. VS had a client audience that was unrealistically narrow. Catering to those with great figures, meant catering to mostly younger clientele. This younger demographic, overall, is not currently shopping for fancy items in recent years. There have been published trend reports about this. Moreover, the VS brand's focus on fantasy was unrealistic when it comes to marketing under garments (yes, I know that fantasy is supposed to be unrealistic). All women wear them. Not just those that look like the VS models.  Now VS has learned that they can make a profit selling to women that have had to struggle to find lingerie they like. It's been available to them, but having more choices is making them buy now, ata time when retail sales for fashion are down. VS has also learned that selling less fancy, frilly, special occasion lingerie is not the only thing to sell. Functionality and comfort are also in demand and VS is finally addressing this demand. They are fortunate if they can bounce back as a company. They will need to continue to grow their online presence as their big box stores decline along with other big box retailers. They have adapted to the new retail.

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Re: Victoria's Secret is for sale

"We think we should be appealing to all women for more stages of her life." 


Will they use size 6 through 12 models?  I doubt it.  

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Re: Victoria's Secret is for sale

Victoria Secret is in trouble.  They have been closing stores for the past two years.  Soon...they will be no more.


They are including plus size women to try to save their business.  It isn't going to work unless they improve their products. The prices are high and the quality is non existent.





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Re: Victoria's Secret is for sale

We think we should be appealing to all women for more stages of her life???



Sure hope we get more instructions.  Hate to buy a bra for the incorrect stage 🙀