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Worn by Bella Hadid in Rome yesterday. Wow, she sure wore that dress. I could have seen Lady Gaga in that at the Oscars-just add a dramatic train and raise the neckline. Too much cleavage for my taste. But that is a bombshell dress.





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It is beautiful and she looks amazing.  However, I think with the bodice so low cut with her boobs hanging out, it takes away from the dress......


I guess it depends if it's supposed to be about the dress or the model.


I vote for the dress. 

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No! Bodice does take away from dress & I'm so over women spilling out of their dresses. Boring, boring. Leave some room for the imagination.

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I guess she does not go by the motto "less is more".

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Re: Versace Corset Dress

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It looks trashy. I'm fine with a little cleavage showing but when breasts are spilling over, it looks cheap and trashy.

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The color is pretty.  Otherwise, trashy and looks more like a costume.

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I think she looks beautiful. 

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what is going on with the hemline? looks like it was scotch taped up.

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That bodice is a marvel of modern civil engineering.

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Re: Versace Corset Dress

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Wow, she wears that beautiful dress well. Very classy and feminine.


I don't think the neckline is too low at all.  Mostly her breasts are covered up. I have seen much more cleavage on "Say Yes  to the Dress."


i don't see any spilling out at all.