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Has anyone else fallen in love with this seasons velvet fashion items?


I have purchase a wine colored pair of velvet sneakers  and a matching velvet sweatshirt.  I also purchased a casual velvet  blue cross body bag.  Considering a bomber jacket  and a dressy top! Love the softness of velvet.


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Rag & Bone has a steel blue jean in velvet


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Velvet everything is in this year but not or me.  I don't like velvet, I never did.  Even when I was kid, I hated those velvet holiday dresses my mom bought for us girls.  

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Not a fan.

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When you live with hairy pets,  velvet is out of the question.

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I like the velvet as it was years ago.....thicker, richer, etc.

not the poly "stretch" velvets of today...they look shiny and cheap to me.....

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I love velvet, though I have nothing in the fabric.

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I have black velvet combat boots I bought a year or so ago. 

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I bought this velvet boyfriend blazer (from Express) that I will wear casually around the holidays.  I love the color and the sheen.  My skin and hair color is similar to the model's.

It won't be a workhorse in my wardrobe.  It's just a little bit of fun.


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As a child I always had a new velvet dress for Christmas.  I have a black velvet skirt, a blazer and a pair of pants.  I've seen a few pretty velvet tops I'm considering.