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V-Neck vs. Scoop/Jewelery Neck

If designers say that a V-Neckline is more flattering then why are 90% of tops either scoop neck or jewelery neck?

Which all do you prefer?

I look better in a V-neck becuse I have broad shoulders. I have such a hard time finding a simple V-neck tunic that isn't all jazzed up..just classic looking. I did find this top: Susan Graver  A343068  I would love more like this with even less print. Suggestions?

Thank you-Jan

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Re: V-Neck vs. Scoop/Jewelery Neck

I look better in a scoop neck as I have a large chest.  The lower the scoop the better.  It de-emphasizes my chest.



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Re: V-Neck vs. Scoop/Jewelery Neck

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V-neck....classic and the design is more attractive on most bodies. Also,  V-neck sweaters look great under jackets.  I also like a crew/round neck sweater with jeans.  @AutumnJan  I like the shape of the shirt you chose, but I don't care for the print.  I tend to stay with solids and rarely purchase prints.  Prints are a challenge and, most likely it would be a small print design or very artfully crafted (ie a few Pendleton designs usually in jackets). You might try the Linea brand. He has a pretty floral you might like. Everyone is different, so get what makes you happy!

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Re: V-Neck vs. Scoop/Jewelery Neck

Probably for every woman who prefers a V neck there are just as many others who prefer a scoop neck or a round neck. I'm sure if one style in particular sold better than others, that would be what they'd buy the most of.

Personally, I prefer short sleeves but they seem to sell an awful lot of 3/4 sleeve tops so I'm stuck with cutting off and hemming a lot of sleeves.

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Re: V-Neck vs. Scoop/Jewelery Neck

I'm fine with V-neck, scoop, crew (only if not too high), and bateau. With a thin, slightly long face, though, I think that V-neck might accentuate that. But it doesn't stop me.

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Re: V-Neck vs. Scoop/Jewelery Neck

I don't wear  scoop or V necklines.  I have a long thin neck and I just don't like how it looks in scoop or V.


Crew / jewel / turtleneck is about all I wear.



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Re: V-Neck vs. Scoop/Jewelery Neck

Chadwick’s & Macy’s have some v-neck tunics. Just type that into the search bar. I saw a very classic one on Macy’s site under the Style & Co. brand. Hope you find something you like! 


I prefer v or scoop necks IF they aren’t too low. I will also wear crew necks, especially in the winter for warmth. I dislike bateau & boatnecks because I am constantly fidgeting with keeping my bra straps hidden under them.