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Upcoming D&C Short TSV question -

Been awhile since I have ordered any of their French Terry bottoms. How is the sizeing been running?


I know the fabric itself tends to get a bit larger with wear. But, what about the waistband?, I have read more recent reviews on the waist bands not being stretchy enough. 


Am thinking about the shorter version. Comfy house, yard or outdoor activity short I would think.


I would probably order a smaller size than what I have in this fabric since they “grow”, but not if the waistband is unforgiving. 


Any thoughts? I do not really feel like buying two different sizes. Thanks 🙂.


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Re: Upcoming D&C Short TSV question -

I’ve had pretty good luck checking the “click here” sizing chart and looking at the waist band sizing both relaxed and stretched.  I make sure the hip sizing gives me a bit of room too. I bought a similar looking pair of D & Co shorts about a year ago for my morning walks in the summer.  The material is stretchy but they don’t seem to stretch out and get bigger.  I’m not sure though if the material of the shorts I bought is exactly like the TSV but it looks very similar. 

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Re: Upcoming D&C Short TSV question -

The waist is my concern too. The waist band doesn't look like it would have enough stretch for my body.