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Re: Unusual Details in Sweaters

If this is fashion, it sure looks weird to me.  Like designers are trying to out do each other in ridiculousness.  Who can come up with the silliest thing and get people to buy it.  The beige tie front is a sweater that looks wearable.  Can't say that about the rest.

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Re: Unusual Details in Sweaters

Love the gray mock neck with the jagged sleeves and hem...and I don't even usually like mock necks!

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Re: Unusual Details in Sweaters

Most look uncomfortable to wear - like you'd be pulling and tugging constantly to keep each ruffle, fluffle, and tie in its proper place.  Too much work for me!   


However, I liked that oversized cable stitching.  Didn't much like the whole sweater, but would love the oversized cable on a different design.

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Re: Unusual Details in Sweaters

All these were in style in 70s. I was a young teenager and wore it then at my 15-16-17 y.o.  I would never wear it now, they are all uncomfortable, the sleeves are getting caught on everything, get into plates of food when you are out eating....

Call me old but I love simple and classical sweaters, I do not mind some interesting details or embellishments, but not what posted above.

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Re: Unusual Details in Sweaters

Good ideas taken to the extreme.

They all look ridiculous on the models. I can only imagine what an epic fail any of the styles would be on me! 

The first red sweater is clearly not made with sitting in mind.

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Re: Unusual Details in Sweaters

Because everything that can be, has been designed, and now they are just using the designs to come up with crazy ideas, not design.

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Re: Unusual Details in Sweaters

I like interesting and colorful sweaters .. so I make my own.  The only sweaters I've seen "out there" have been in Vogue Knitting and other books (and in my imagination).  The kinds of sweaters that would be difficult (if not impossible) to mass market.


I like interesting and colorful yarns, unusual construction techniques and stitch patterns ... all the while keeping to a basic long pullover or long cardigan shape.   



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Re: Unusual Details in Sweaters

@lolakimono  There are only a couple here that I like (I think!). I see tons of big lacing on sweaters in local B&M here, bell sleeves of some sort too.


I will say, I love sweaters in the winter. I have a lot of them in many styles too. My all time fav is actually a denim & co long cardi with a faux sherpa hood and nice pockets.


BTW, thanks for the info on the chenille cowlneck and the site. I checked them out as well other sweaters; that cowlneck is a bit pricey for me.

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Re: Unusual Details in Sweaters



I think I will take a pass on all of them!

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Re: Unusual Details in Sweaters

@handygal2 wrote:

@Blingqueen023 wrote:

@handygal2 wrote:

@lolakimono: This colorblocked one is kind of striking looking IMO, and is the only item l would wear, among those you posted.



@handygal2I wish I knew what store this came from  I'd order it if the price was right.  I love this sweater.  

@Blingqueen023: Me, too. Let's ask!


Lola, do you know where this sweater is sold? @lolakimono



Vince Camuto at Nordstrom-


Details & Care

A stand-collar button-down woven from crisp cotton poplin peeks out from under a ribbed one-shoulder sweater for a fashion-forward twist on classic layered style.

  • 25" length
  • Front button closure
  • Long sleeves
  • 57% cotton, 28% acrylic, 15% polyester
  • Hand wash, dry flat
  • Imported
  • Point of View
  • Item #5456012