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I was watching the day they presented those pants and I would wear those at home for comfort, but the cost was prohibitive for something to lounge around the house in. I ordered the one day only top, I hope that looks good on or back it goes.

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They are awful. I bought two shirts from this vendor and both went back. I expect quality material for the prices Side Stitch & QVC charge for this line. This vendor is one of the most overated on QVC, especially by the hosts.

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The style is terribly unflattering on any body type, IMO. And "tencera" fabric accounts for the $$$$$.

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@Caaareful Shopper wrote:

By reading the posts I expected to see something that would make my eyes bleed. 


It's not my style, but ugliest thing ever?   I've seen much worse sold here.

@Caaareful Shopper 

Agree! I have seen many things worse than these pants.