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Re: Ugliest thing ever ...

So last night the Vendor was on selling button up short sleeve shirts under this same name.  It was Amy on with her.


Amy mentioned that this Vendor was on earlier with (I think) these pants.  I know this brand seems expensive to me.


Amy mentioned she loves this brand and is very often found in white T-Shirts like the one she was showing.


I, personally don't like the pants but I never like crop pants but Lord knows I have a bunch of them and I STILL hate the things.


I'm a size XL-1X and clothes like that on me (my opinion) makes me look terrible.


I guess everyone is different and maybe there's someone they look good in, but it definitely would not be me.  I think sometimes I'm stupid for paying .....over-paying for something but I definitely would not pay that kind of money for those pants or the shirt I mentioned.  Just me I guess.

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Re: Ugliest thing ever ...


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Re: Ugliest thing ever ...

Well the size S is sold out in dark blue so someone must love them 

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Re: Ugliest thing ever ...

Oh my. 


When I see things like this I wonder what my grandmother would think.  

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Re: Ugliest thing ever ...

I like them and if I were much taller and the price much lower, I'd buy them.


I think they make the model wearing them look slimmer and much nicer than a lot of other clothese she models.  Looked and that color is sold out in small!  A cut tee tucked in and the pants belted with a pair of keds, imo would be very flattering.  (Need Petites!)


But as previously said, everyone has different tastes - that keeps life interesting, right?


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Re: Ugliest thing ever ...

The old "gaucho" style and yes it's awful.

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Re: Ugliest thing ever ...

They are awfull looking. Not flattering in any way.

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Re: Ugliest thing ever ...

I wonder how they would look with tall boots? That might change the entire perspective of how to get it styled to look better. The Q's pictures online often don't do garments any justice.

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Re: Ugliest thing ever ...

I burst out laughing when I saw this item.

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Re: Ugliest thing ever ...

It's HORRIBLE!!  I think they should be giving customers the $128 to get them out of here. That buyer should be looking for work somewhere else