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Check out item A350098.  I have to say (in my opinion) this has to be the ugliest piece of fashion I've seen on QVC.  And, it's $128.00 !!!!!!!!!  

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Tastes differ, but I must agree with you.  

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I agree.  They look horrible on and the price is ridiculous.  Just because something is suppose to be in style for season does not mean it looks good on.  The wide crop pants are not a favorite of mine.  Crop pants close to the leg look good IMO.

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Yep, to my eye it's pretty ugly and would be unflattering to virtually anyone.  However I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I'm sure there are people who would buy it, stylized it and have it looking cute so I'll withhold judgment.

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For 128 I would want 6 pairs!!!

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  I think you would have to be tall & thin to pull off this look. Since I’m petite this would look awful on me.Oh & the price is ridiculous!!

   In other words UGLY!!

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This just didn't turn out well, I'll have to say!


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The price is terrible but there are people who will buy it because they can.



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A schmatta (rag).