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I'm having the same frustration with the beauty page. It's showing a MAC product and now, they aren't even carrying MAC. I can understand if they don't have because something sells out, but to not even carry the brand any more, is really irritating.

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@Squirrels Are Trash wrote:



Did you try an image search? Lots of lookalikes for sale.

I did one, it only shows that dress on the Q with no other info

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@WeezieWeeze  Sorry you can't find the dress.  I think I clicked the picture of that same dress this morning!  


I find on quite a few websites, including q,  that when you click the picture of what interests you it takes you to endless pages of items to search through.  It's so frustrating.  Although eventually you are usually able to find what you were looking for, if you didn't lose interest first.

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Both QVC and HSN have done this for years.  Long time customers know that an item used for promotion isn't necessarily for sale.  Often it's something we'll see some time in the future.  Customer service can't help when there's no item number.  


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@WeezieWeeze    New today

IMG_0262.pngPetite item #A617211


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Thank you very much.   Saw it this morning.  Guess Q was keeping secret until Kim's show. 🤦🏻‍♀️