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Penelope in Chanel, Reese in Armani with coordinating cape. Do you like either, neither, both? 



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I like them but I would never wear them. They are more trouble than they are worth , when you need to use the ladies room, as far as I am concerned

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I like Penelope's jumpsuit.  I think she looks classic and elegant. 


I don't think Reece has the height to pull off this look.  Too busy for her body type.  Makes her look kinda squat.  Maybe Charlize Theron could wear this and look elegant but not Reece.  jmo

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I think both are beautiful.  I would wear that first one. 

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@Greeneyedlady21: Oh, I love both. I could carry off neither but sure love how they look

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IMHO, both need some work to be wonderful.  The Chanel jumpsuit Penelope is wearing seems to have a bit too much material for her small frame to handle, both on the top and on the bottom, which makes it look a bit sloppy on her.  (How I wish I "suffered" from that problem!)  With a bit of creative altering from a tailor, I think it would be spectacular on her.


As for the Armani jumpsuit on Reese, although the color, the material used, and the swirling designs in the material used are elegant, and clearly meant for a special event rather than for every day wear, I cannot help thinking that the material wouldn't look much better used in a short or long dress. I don't like it on Reese, and I am not sure why I don't.  Perhaps she needs a necklace of some kind, or perhaps I would like the strapless jumpsuit much better if it had a v-neck (although not too deep of a v-neck as to make it look trashy) and straps or sleeves of some kind instead of that matching cape or jacket?  



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Love the first one--it has pockets!  I've worn jumpsuits in the past.  If they fit correctly, they are very slimming.  Can't be bothered with one now.



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I'm not fond of either.  The first one looks like (ick) snake print, and the second appears to be poofy in the hips.

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I think they are both lovely---on those 2 lovely ladies--but not for me .

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Oh @Greeneyedlady21  I really like the one on Penelope!  Just beautiful and I would so wear it in a hearbeat.  Perfection!