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Turtlenecks -- well, I tried!

Just a review and what happened. I was told I looked "washed out" so decided to "go out on a limb" and try some more brightly colored turtlenecks for color up near face to brighten my look. For a song, I ordered some on marked down, after buying a large in bright rose, washing, hoped it would shrink. Well, it didn't shrink enough! So, I needed a medium. They came and fit well until washing. Now, the medium did shrink and the shoulders want to "cave in." Its OK, though not comfortable to wear, but with my sweater over it, it can't be seen. It just feels "icky."

It seems that many manufacturers are having trouble standarizing fit. The turtlenecks I've ordered from the Q don't shrink up to nothingness in the shoulders. True, I paid more for the items, but maybe its worth it for less aggravation upon washing.

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