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Turtleneck Fashion Tips

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I'm reading the current issue of New York Mag ... on page 23 there's a single column article entitled "Stying Tips I Borrowed From the Rock" by Sarah Spellings.


I'm always on the lookout for styling tips.


She has three tips:  "The Tony Soprano" - "The Ladies Who Lunch" - and "The Belt."


All three are rather doable for me.  


The Tony Soprano is a black turtleneck, black leather jacket and gold chain.  Already one of my looks .... now it has a name.  My black turtleneck collection takes up about 4' of the closet rod!


The Ladies Who Lunch is a camel turtleneck and single or  multiple pearl necklaces.  I have a camel  - never considered pearls - but I'm wearing the look (some real and some faux) to my meeting next Tuesday.  I'm thinking some creamy and some gray faux on the camel shirt - with dark gray pants.  Sarah writes:  "a single string of pearls will make you look like a chic granny.  To make even more of an impact, layer multiple pearl necklaces on top of one another."


The Belt - don't know about this look.  Sarah writes "If a choker-length chain isn't enough, try a belt.  You can use anything that has hardwar - all you have to do is believe."


  • I have a collection of chain belts that I've collected over the years.  I might give it a try.
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Vintage chain belts as necklaces? They are some of my faves!

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@ALRATIBA   IMHO, strands of pearls, even different colors, tend to read matronly or too expected, formal. I like to mix one strand with a few fine chains, maybe a small pendant hanging from one. I also don't follow "looks". I make my own.

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I have never liked necklaces on a turtleneck. Instead do earrings and chunky bracelet.


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My usual look is (a) some sort of long scarf or (b) handmade vest or sweater or (c) multiple long gold chains - or (d) some combination of those three.  Depends on my mood.


Definitely going with the multiple pearls for Tuesday meeting.  What other people think about how I look is their problem, not mine.  





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We had some knockout turtlenecks this year!  A scotch plaid in navy and blue, and a multi colored plaid as wear as a poka dot  I never wore mine!!!  (Although, I wore the heck out of my black or navy and bought backups!).Smiley Happy


There's always next year

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@ALRATIBA When I checked out the Coldwater creek website to see what they had to offer I found a few turtlenecks on sale. One was a Supima blend and another was actually a turtleneck T-shirt. Lots of colors!

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Thanks ... but ...

I’m sticking with LandsEnd since they have best color and fabric selection, and prices. Perfect fit.

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Turtleneck with some jewelry always looks nice to me.

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The only time I wear my herringbone is with a turtleneck.  It lays perfectly.


I love black black BLACK turtlenecks.  Have 5 and backups with tags.  Same for navy, like true midnight navy.  


No leather jackets for me, but many nice black quilted vests and outerwear waist length jackets-same effect.


Alas, too warm now for turtlenecks, and that's fine with me!