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Is that supposed to be an office look with the portfolio bag under her arm?! Oy!

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OMG...that really is UGLY and I could definately see a celebrity wearing it!!!

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Looks like something from Woolworth's or Kresge's in the 1940's.  


As for the rest of this outfit, teenagers are throwing things together like this and think it looks nice.  

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@Greeneyedlady21 wrote:

It's a very expensive no for me. And the, interesting choices.


$945 by Molly Goddard







Women's Lightweight Fancy Triangle Lace Scarf with Floral flyout hero. Maybe the sweater with this shawl, a different skirt and shoes and, for me, a lot less money!

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How unfortunate and a waste of that beautiful tulle.


I've a weakness for it, but this thing is just one side of the rag bag.


Yes, and as someone posted, you can get a bolt of tulle quite cheaply.  I doubt this is even 2 yards.


And....those shoes?  What the blazes were the stylists going for?


They are what I would call "clodhoppers." Cat LOL



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This was the first thing I thought of.



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And the shoes????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Now, that's just a mess!

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The whole thing is a nightmare in horribly ugly shoes!

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Go to the designers  Molly Goodard, collection at Nordstrom or her site.  Things are even worse