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Re: Trying on Clothing During Covid

@VanSleepy wrote:

Trying on clothes over your  clothing doesn't make much sense to me. When you're  out and about it seems your clothes have the potential to have a lot more germs on them than your body underneath. 


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Re: Trying on Clothing During Covid

So many factors have to come together to get Covid from clothes.  Its one thing I am not worried about.  Only chance would be that someone with Covid tried the clothes on before you, sneezed or coughed on them, then you touched where they coughed or sneezed and put your hands near your mouth or nose.  I wear a mask while in the store, while trying on clothes in the fitting room, so I am not concerned.  I tried on, used hand sanitizer after while purchasing and I am not concerned.  I don't have a problem with it, and I don't feel I am being careless.  just my opinion of course and I respect other's opinions and concerns.

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Re: Trying on Clothing During Covid

@lolakimono    Interesting concept.  I think the two most important things are wearing a mask around people and social distancing.  If people could only do these two simple things, we may actually get through all this.












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