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I would wear #4 and #7.  Love the bag in #4.

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Faeriemoon, those are my favorites too!  I also love the bag.

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@San Antonio Gal wrote:

All the clothing is from Bananna Republic @lolakimono ?  I've got my eye on the red/orange blazer.

@San Antonio Gal 

It looks like the red is sold out (black and navy remain) but they do have this one-

Sculpted-Fit Washable Blazer

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Suits or jacketed looks are perfect transitions.

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I don’t think #1 looks that transitional. Looks more fall & winter to me, especially with tights and boots, Maybe it’s the pink coat that makes it transitional? This look is most closely my style. I like some of the individual items in the other looks. 

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#2 is my favorite but I also like the lavender coat. This was a fun topic.  Thank you for posting.

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A lot of great looks!  


Wish I had somewhere to wear them right about now.

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How pretty!

In fact, the ones I liked, I liked so much...I'm not going to reveal which one I DIDN'T like lol.

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These are really pretty outfits, something for every occasion and traditional as was stated.  These would be a great addition to my closet!