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This is how things get distorted into sound bites for internet clicks and tv show teases.


"According to a survey of 2,000 Brits, women should retire their jeans at age 53."


2000 people in another country, probably trolls on the internet, were surveyed for this very important sound bite.


Move on people.

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i do not think you are ever too old to wear what you like as long as it fits properly and appropriate for the occasion.


As for jeans, I think there are times and places for them.  I see people wearing them in places I would never wear them.  Whether you pay $20 or $200 for them, I see jeans as casual wear.

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Wow,what dated thinking...after 53 WOMEN need to rethink wearing jeans.  What should men wear after 53?  

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My 2 cents - you are never to old to wear jeans.  I will say that some styles of jeans look better on younger women.  My Ma wore jeans at 80.

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@Texasmouse wrote:

We are Americans.  We INVENTED jeans.  Not going to have any Brits (or anyone else) telling me when and for how long I can wear my jeans.

Got that right!!! Still wearing jeans at 62!

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 Hope I am never to old to wear jeans and I am old!

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It is ridiculous to suggest that anone might be too old (or too anything) to wear jeans.


With all the options in jeans these days anyone of any size or shape can find something that they like in their size.


I guess the person who suggested this has some other agenda... 

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Never! To say 53 is ridiculous.