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@San Antonio Gal wrote:

Last summer when I moved from Texas to my current location, I found that to be a great time to purge.  I donated a ton of clothing and shoes to Goodwill.  I couldn't see the point of taking a bunch of clothing with me that I was more than likely never going to wear. 


You never realize how much "stuff" you have until you have to move!  Smiley Happy 

@San Antonio Gal  I just moved 2 months ago ~ and we down sized in half!  the past year before our move I was constantly getting rid of things ~ But then I started thinking the what ifs !~ maybe in the new neighborhood I will be doing this and needing that ...I am giving myself one year and what ever I didnt wear will go ~ I truly wish I could be the person who is fine with wearing the same things over and over ~ i just get tired of things after a while 

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I had this problem too and DH made me a sign (at my request) that says in BIG letters "SHOP YOUR CLOSET FIRST" and it works great! When I see something I must have I shop my closet and usually have something real close to what I want to buy.  A big part of the problem is "incoming" so stop the flow and reduce the stock onhand.

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I am loving these posts! And beckyblu, I am exactly like you! I love my beautiful clothes. I was a college professor and always wore beautiful suits from Jones New York or Kasper, a silk blouse, a scarf, and wonderful pins and earrings. I am retired now.

But, you know what? When I am out shopping at a major retail, it is just not possible to find clothing of excellent quality as was made 20 or 30 years ago. Everything looks cheap and of poor quality. So, I am keeping my suits, and when I go out, I dress, the way women used to.  I feel fabulous! I know everyone can not do this kind of dressing (Moms of wee ones, for instance) but now, I can, and I do. 

I "clean" my huge closet out every Spring and Fall, so I can look at everything, remember what I have, and rearrange it all. I am downsizing, very slowly, but my clothes give me Joy.....unlike a lot of other clutter in my house, LOL.

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I need to do the same thing! Been retired for a while, why am I still buying clothes? Thanks for giving me food for thought (again).

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We ALL have way too much in our closets. I forget what I even have. lol

I purge every year and am due again.

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Oh boy, that sounds like me!  I want to take a few days off from work just to organize and weed.  I really have to stop buying clothes.  I love them though.

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Re: Too Many Clothes...

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Ladies, take your purge to Talbots.  They're helping ladies who need help train for and dress for interviews!


*The clothing donation period has ended, but donations for interview coaching and other skills to get a job for ladies who have been out of the workplace and desperately need help are being taken.

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I think your solution to part of the jewelry collection is at the end of your post !


Select several pieces that are the most beautiful to you and have them placed in a shadow box.  


Arrange them artistically in a place where you spend a lot of time or place  in appropriate rooms near lamps on end tables or even in a low row above sofas.  Keep at eye level.


Other placements: small vertical lineup, tic-tac-toe, flanking sconces, etc.


Make sure the color of the back wall of the shadow box will work with wall / room color.


Have fun and enjoy your collection.  Think about how others have enjoyed seeing the pieces you wore:  now it’s time for you to look at them from your perspective !

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I think the French women have it correct in general. They buy classics, good quality,natural fibers and a few items that go with everything and last for years. They stick with one to two neutrals and add a third color for a punch in a handbag, shoe or scarf. They wear the same items 10+ years. Most items are seasonless. Even though the clothing is expensive the cost per wear over the years is low. Less is more.

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But do I really want a capsule wardrobe? Anyway, I live in 4 seasons, so I need things to accommodate the weather changes.


Maybe the "rule" should be, whenever you buy something new, discard something old. Maybe we'd get a handle on it that way.


On the other hand, I have a number of jeans, but seem to only gravitate to a couple of my favorite pairs. Should I get rid of the others?