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Not for me at any price and as much as I like denim there's nothing I like about either piece even on a good figure like the model has

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A NO for me.

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I can't give an opinion because the model is distracting me.  I was just looking at another forum where they were discussing the supermodels in the 90s.   The models were walking the catwalk for a Versace show in 1991 I think?   These women were STUNNING. I'm talking Naomi, Linda, Cindy, Christy and numerous others where I recognized their faces but didn't know their names.  What the heck happened since then?  😳

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Obviously, get it if you like it, but you are hesitant.


Where would you wear it?  I can't imagine anyplace I would go where this would be my top choice.  The style is formal but the look is casual, with the distressed denim, the puckered stitching, the contrast thread.


Would you tuck it in? What does the hem look like?  Would it look good untucked?


I like bow ties in soft fabrics, but not denim.


I personally do not like to wear denim tops (love blue, not denim), and don't like high collars.


This denim on denim look, however, is supposed to be a new trend.

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A NAY for me.  

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It looks really bulky and too much fabric.  I like the idea but the execution not so much. 

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Actually, the more I look at it, the slightly more I like it.


If it is a smooth, silky denim, sort of like Side Stitch tops, I'd like it even more.


If it's thick and heavy, not as much.

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This look doesn't do a thing for me.  Thank you.

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Cute but no chambray shirt is worth $90. IMO. 

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Maybe on a different model. Her (I think) masculine vibe doesn't jibe with the feminine features of the shirt, throws it off somehow. Makes it odd looking. 100% just MO.