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Thrill of the Thrift Challenge Summer '21...

Let's face it, I don't need any more clothes, possibly for the rest of my life haha.
But, I love clothes, and I love to shop.  
Solution:  Thrifting.
Huh?  If I don't need a thing, why not just refrain from shopping altogether?  hahahahahaha  Like that's going to happen!
I don't "need" anything, but I still love to get out once or twice a week to shop 'cuz there might just be something out there that I "want," so in July I challenged myself to 3 months of "thrifting only."  
I love thrifting, which is interesting because I thrifted out of necessity in my younger day and, once I started making enough money to shop at department stores, swore I'd never thrift again.  So it seems odd to me that I'm back to thrifting at my age...and loving it.  
I do know many women are skeeved out at the thought of buying used clothing...I completely understand.  I'm a little fussy about it, too.  Everything...and I mean everything...I've thrifted in the past few years gets washed before it goes in my closet.
I'd like to claim I'm all about sustainability, too, but, while I'm aware of and supportive of the issue and believe that the secondary markets surely contribute to sustainability, it's not a major part of my thinking.
For me, bottom line is that I want to have fun with fashion, I want "new" and different things, but I don't want to go broke in the process.  And many of you know without a doubt that I don't want to go back to an overstuffed closet full of expensive (or even inexpensive thrifted) items I rarely or never wear...those days are over. 
If I make a mistake thrifting, I don't have to package it up, run to the post office and spend time/energy tracking it or running back and forth to the store to return.  If I make a mistake, I'm not out much money.  If I thrift something fun or unusual or out of my norm and only wear it a few times, I haven't lost much and had fun in the process.  It's not a problem getting rid of a top I paid $3 for and only wore a couple months.  
I thought some of you might be interested, so I'll post my Thrifting Challenge finds, including mistakes, here along with pics of the things I passed up.   
Your critiques, suggestions for styling, and your yays or nays are welcome.
I've already been doing the challenge for about a month.  The big question is whether or not I can stick to thrifting only for the next two months.  Place your bets now! 
What I bought...
Lauren by RL black/white striped cotton bracelet sleeve henley sweater...hugs my body enough to be able to tuck it in (something I almost never do), but I find it uncomfortable probably 'cuz I'm not used to it and am glad I can wear it out as well...
Black/light grey/charcoal sheer silk J.Crew blouse...wear with white or black (no-brainers)...light as a feather (you can see how sheer it is).  I've never liked wearing a button front blouse as a topper/jacket and rarely do.  This one had a hidden button placket (placket and collar both pleated), so, for something different, I removed the buttons and wear it over a light grey Faded Glory tank (thrifted pre-Challenge $1)...
After I thrifted this pretty white eyelet button front, I called a moratorium on white blouses.  A few months ago, I agreed with a poster that there was no such thing as having too many white blouses, but I've changed my mind because...I have too many white blouses (I have's enough already).  All tags were cut out, so I have no idea what brand this is, but it's well-made, soft, and has beautiful embroidery...I believe it's cotton.  Fortunately, I don't have to wear anything under it (not too see-thru)...
The eyelet and the Lauren went thru the washer and drier with flying colors, and I hand-washed/hung dry the J.Crew silk with no problems.
Here are a few items that caught my eye, but that I passed on for whatever reason...
Joan Boyce cuff...
Denim & Co. clip dot shirts...
Kate Spade handbag...
Ann Klein Sport flats...sooooooo cute...too small...
In real life, I rarely discuss what I paid for something (my Mom would be mortified haha), but on the fashion forum we discuss price every day and saving money is part of the reason for the Challenge, so, I'll probably brag...I mean mention what I paid for items during the Challenge.  I don't always remember to take pics of price tags, however (too much to keep track of), so you'll have to trust me.
Eyelet blouse $4...50% off day = $2.00
Lauren sweater = $4
J.Crew silk $5...$1 off coupon = $4
But WAIT...there's more!  Stay tuned...
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Re: Thrill of the Thrift Challenge Summer '21...

@MacDUFF The RL striped is adorable and love it worn classic RL style (the first picture).  Fun challenge and looks great on you!

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Re: Thrill of the Thrift Challenge Summer '21...

...and you look FABULOUS in every picture.  I particularly like the first picture of the b/w striped Lauren shirt tucked in but pic #3 is a close 2nd.  No way anyone would ever guess these were thrift store finds!  

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Re: Thrill of the Thrift Challenge Summer '21...

I like your first look, tucked. I made a pledge not to buy any clothes from June through August and it has been easy. I may look into thrifing because I am tired of fast fashion but still love clothes. Are you shopping consignment stores or Goodwill? Someone told me Goodwill has special stores where the best merchandise goes. Then there are online thrift stores.

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Re: Thrill of the Thrift Challenge Summer '21...

My days going to thrift stores were mainly for decor and furniture.  I did buy some nice things in that area.  However, I haven't purchased used clothing.  While I liked to look at the different fashions, I never felt completely comfortable with buying used clothing.  However, your buys are nice and they look good as new.  


When my mom passed in the eighties, I had many of her dressy dresses to go through.  I know she spent on them I didn't want to just throw them out.  I ended up giving them to a teacher at  a school I worked at because she loved vintage clothing.  I knew she would wear the dresses and she was thrilled with them.

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Re: Thrill of the Thrift Challenge Summer '21...

@MacDUFF What an interesting post, and your thinking about this issue is brilliant. Go thrifting, spend little to nothing, try new things that appeal to you--all fun and very low stakes! And if there is something better than getting a fabulous new item, it's getitng it at a super bargain price, right? Who cares if someone else loved it before you did? I wash new clothes before wearing them, too. 


BTW, for my money, the silk plaid shirt is the big find--it's unusual and versatile, and silk is always luxurious.

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Re: Thrill of the Thrift Challenge Summer '21...

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Sounds like a fun challenge and something to do without spending a fortune.  I use to do that when I was working and needed clothes.  I picked up a lot of clothes with tags still on  and never worn.


Only thing I won't wear 2nd is shoes.  


I use to pick up a lot of clothes for my grandkids at 2nd hand joints.   You gave me an idea and they are growing  so fast that I think I will go looking at 2nd hand stores again too.  I just spent a good chunk on new back to school clothes but could add some extras.


We don't have as many shops like we use to for 2nd hand.  But start checking it out again.  Should be fun and my grand daughter loves to go to Goodwill.


I'm watching Belle show and love her clothes but pretty pricey.  I'm not an animal print fan and she seems to be showing more of that.  50 for an every day top is too much for me.  Can't see it.





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Re: Thrill of the Thrift Challenge Summer '21...

Happy to see someone else who enjoys thrifting!

I always shop thrift before buying almost anything at retail. Most of my local purchases are for the home, but as I have lost quite a bit of weight over the past year I have picked up a few items of clothing on eBay


I will be looking more closely at thrifting my wardrobe come October, when I expect to be down another size. Wearing what I have until then.

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Re: Thrill of the Thrift Challenge Summer '21...

@phoenixbrd   @PJinIA   @chessylady    The tucked henley:  I think the jeans are what made the tuck possible...high-waisted and a fuller cut straight leg (AG "Alexxis")...that old rule, which I agree with, of shorter/tighter top with fuller bottoms that my Mom taught me.  I feel stuffed into it though.  


Chessy, once in a while I go to a Goodwill in a more upscale neighborhood than mine.  Many years ago, I went to a Goodwill in Richmond, VA that was specifically the better merchandise.  It was nice!  I didn't have a lot of money then, and I would not have known the difference between a Valentino and a valentine anyway haha.  I also have a charity thrift store dangerously close to home that I go to at least once a week.  The consignment store I used to frequent didn't make it thru lockdown.


@spiderw  What a sweet story!  I'll bet the teacher was happy, and I'm sure your Mom would have approved.  Back in the day, I used to shop the vintage shops on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles...great memories. 


@KaySD   I could not pass up that plaid J.Crew silk!  It goes a little out of my norm, though, and I'm still trying different ways to style it with things in my closet.  


@Roscoe the Rascal   Yes, I try to find NWT, and I hear ya about shoes.  I've purchased a few pairs of shoes...and scrubbed them inside and out with hydrogen peroxide hahaha...but unless the shoes are new or darn near, it kind of gives me the shudders (I carry a pair of peds in my purse for trying on).   ITA about paying high prices for every day wear (not that I haven't or won't again, of course haha).


@queendiva   Sistah!  I'm almost afraid to start with ebay...or Poshmark or ThredUp, which I've heard good things about.  I'm just happy to be able to get out and shop...instant gratification.  Congratulations on the weight loss!






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Re: Thrill of the Thrift Challenge Summer '21...

I collect OLD picture frames and mirrors.....and the best places to find them are "thrifts".......especially those run by churches, who inherit their parishoners estates.

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