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Shorts so short that booty cheeks are exposed.  

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@handygal2 wrote:

I agree about the high-low tops and pajama jeans. The other three items I'm still ok with.

I dont get pajama jeans? They say they are comfortable but I just dont get the concept of them. Obviously I dont own a pair, that and jeggings. 

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This was in my email today from QVC. If this is a new trend I will pass on it too. In my opinion this is not flattering. The ruffle adds pounds and the hem line is a mess.


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There is nothing I am over, if I do not like a trend I do not buy it or wear it

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With you on all but the jeans .I will never wear regular jeans again after the comfort of knit ones   

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Unfortunately for short ladies, those ever present tunic tops come halfway to the knees.  And I really don't understand what people think they are hiding .When a woman is seen from the back, you can still see exactly how big her rear is and the way most of them cup under the butt, they actually make them look bigger  Rearview mirrors would reveal the tunics aren't hiding anything. That's just something bthey say to sell them .Most flattering are tops that stop just short of the point where they can cup under. 

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I am short too and that's why I love the joggers because I don't have to woorry about length, but I definitely don't wear heels with them!  I will wear the nicer ones anywhere but church.  If I was still working, I would want real slacks, straight leg and to the top of my foot. Ankles aren't that pretty and don't know why the shorter pants are so popular on anyone but the very young. 

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Bell Sleeves:  not for me, they would dwarf me!

Cold Shoulder:  I have a few, but that is enough because it is trendy, but fun.

High Lo:  Have a couple that are not too extreme. You need to bstraight lege careful with the cut because if done incorrectly they do not look good.

Pajama jeans: pass, not my taste. I prefer straight leg or cuffed ankle jeans in a nice jean fabric. 

TuTu tops: (wide tops with ruffles at the bottom).  NOOOOOO!

Peplum tops: I think they are cute if you have no hips, otherwise pass. Unfortunately, my pear shape doesn't need enhancement on my hips. 

Printed wide legged pants:  Again, not a good look on me. I believe one needs to be tall, thin and leggy. Just my opinion.

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That peplum stuff is for the birds!  I have a long body and short legs!  That peplum look makes me look like I was going for the look of empire style and didn't quite get it.  It kinda looks like I'm a 71 year old sorta pregnant grandma!


I'm 5'4" so those clothes look really stupid on me.  period.....