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An Hermes Birkin bag, a Cartier watch.  I am pretty sure I will never buy these.

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I will never buy a pair of high heels (not at my age).  I do not like dresses or skirts that have the shark bite hem (not for me).  Cascading front cardigans (too much fabric).  Any clothes that are too on trend and out the next season.  I enjoy my clothes and like to wear for several years.   Cat Very Happy

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Re: Things I will never buy

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For the fun of the thread, I'll add mine too.


Bathing suit, don't swim anymore.

Camoflage anything, nor animal print clothes.

No heels

No more purses

No empire waist things, being highwaisted, makes me look pregnant. Plus I've shrunk 2".

A tank.

That's all I can think of for now.

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@VancouverUSAgal wrote:

Any top with sleeves shorter than elbow length, any shorts, crops or pants not full length, cold shoulder tops, tops with long tails in back or anything that will hang out below a jacket, anything camoflage or beige or olive green, anything with fringe, or any shoes that come up around the ankle. So, as you can imagine, I am saving lots of money avoiding these styles  

@VancouverUSAgal  Ha! Ha1 these are everything I do buy and wear! I can't imagine dressing boring. I love variety. I love being in style and getting compliments on my choice of clothing! Sure makes me feel good. "Variety is the spice of life" remember! 

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I will never buy boxy shapeless conservative clothing!!  Another never is any dress that is below the knee (although I rarely wear a dress except for an occasional wedding).  Also, no high waisted jeans or loose elastic waist gathered pants.  Ballet flats, mary jane shoes, or low heeled pumps.  No turtle necks or overly modest tops that constrict real movement!  I will never buy anything because someone says when you reach a certain this is what you should wear!!

Good thing there is something for everyone's taste.  

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Well, sadly and unfortunately there are many things I will never buy - again, because I either have no use for them or just can't wear these things.


No longer can wear heels or pretty shoes of any kind


No longer work so will not be buying any more dressy clothes


Dresses --- I love a lot of the cute little summer ones but I don't have nice looking legs and I can't tan and can't wear cute shoes to go with them


Bathing suits --- don't go swimming or to the beach any more and don't like the way my body looks in a suit any longer


No longer will buy expensive handbags --- no use for them


No longer will be buying much jewelry --- have a ton of it and rarely go anywhere


The list is extensive!


I really should list the things I will be buying --- that would be a lot shorter!


New pajamas, socks, sneakers, and comfy, every day clothing such as sweats, crops and cotton knit tops! 

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I usually don't say "never" because usually after a style has been around a year or so, then I start liking it and wearing it.  


But I can safely say I'll never wear high, high heels with pointy toes again.  Ever.  

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Re: Things I will never buy

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High Low tops

Cold Shoulder tops

Skinny jeans


Maxi Dresses

Crop pants



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Agree with many of the styles/trends listed previously.  Just about the time I tell myself I can never buy another purse or pair of shoes and still will have too many for the rest of my life, I see one I can’t resist.  Oh well.......

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I have learned in my lifetime to never say never . 

When it comes to items for myself that I would never wear again the list would include high heels  (I loved them when I was younger) and bathing suits (always dreaded them). Otherwise I find I like to try new styles occasionally and stepping outside of my 'box' suprisingly refreshing or at least a donation to a charity.