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Things I will never buy

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Any top with sleeves shorter than elbow length, any shorts, crops or pants not full length, cold shoulder tops, tops with long tails in back or anything that will hang out below a jacket, anything camoflage or beige or olive green, anything with fringe, or any shoes that come up around the ankle. So, as you can imagine, I am saving lots of money avoiding these styles  

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Re: Things I will never buy

Well there are many who would buy one or all of those items, which just goes to show this is something for everyone out there 

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Re: Things I will never buy

I will never buy another pair of pointy toe high heel shoes, no cold shoulder/off the shoulder tops, no more moto style jackets, esp. those made of leather, no more shorts unless they are a bermuda style length, no more ruffle/frilly blouses, and no more business suits. 



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Re: Things I will never buy

I will not buy or have ever bought anything in a *heathered* color.  



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Re: Things I will never buy

My list includes some "been there / bought them / never again" items.


I could go on for pages.

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Re: Things I will never buy

I'm not good with the "nevers."  I told myself I wouldn't buy hoodies again and I bought 2 really cute ones this spring.  Years ago I said I wouldn't wear capri pants, and although I prefer skirts, I do wear capris.  Skirts are much harder to find these days.  


I can say I will never buy high heals.  My feet just can't handle heals anymore.

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Re: Things I will never buy

 There are a few things on your list that will never find their way to my home either.   No big deal, we all buy what we like and avoid what we don't like.  

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Re: Things I will never buy

Capris, shorts, long-tailed shirts, shark bite shirts, palazzo pants or any wide-leg pants, any top without some sort of strap, kitten heel shoes, super-stretchy jeans.

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Re: Things I will never buy

I get it that there are going to be things on one's never list which someone else loves, but for the fun of the thread's title I'll toss in my list.  I'll start with 3/4 length sleeves.  While I will frequently push up or roll up a full length sleeve, I will never buy a garment made with 3/4 length sleeves.  Polka dots area nother no for me.  I just don't like them.  Black and white horizontal stripes are also on my no list.  The pattern makes me think of old days prison garb.  There may be other things I never buy, but those are my absolute nos.  

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Re: Things I will never buy


I'm confused. Shorts and crops by their very definition are not full length?!