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The last few transition outfits...

These are the warmer weather transition outfits I've been wearing the last few weeks (I've also been wearing summer outfits...many of which can be worn for warm weather with light base layers). With these, and the eight cooler weather transition outfits I posted a few weeks ago, I feel I had just enough to get me through.

And I didn't clutter up my closet too much...something y'all know I do not want! In fact, I made some edits...remember the strawberry colored cardigan I thrifted from the dollar rack? I wore it about five times, got my $ worth out of it, but re-donated it when I thrifted the brown linen jacket (below). I also re-donated a coated linen trench-like jacket made in Italy because I didn't wear it.


I got a lot of use out of the two pashminas I thrifted last winter...a great buy NWT $5 each...and the bonus is they don't take up a lot of space in my closet haha.

Lola River (never heard of it) 100% cotton gauze in washed coral...Marshall's
Levi's straight leg jeans from Nordstrom (wore these a few times already in 80+ degrees...first time I've ever worn white before Memorial Day)
Eileen Fisher taupe espadrilles (purchased at Rack recently for transition)
Wore this out to dinner yesterday


The thrifted Chico's linen blend trucker jacket looks good with it, too (although I prefer this outfit with blue denim)...


This is an outfit the Q fashionistas helped me style last year. This outfit was inspired by pics posted by @Foxxee.

Thrifted Tiana B jumpsuit with side tie.
Baby blue ribbed cropped top (junior's dept Rack)
Eileen Fisher black espadrilles (purchased at Rack recently for transition)

This is fairly dressy for my area and lifestyle, although I do wear it out shopping and lunch with friends.


Thrifted Ninety (never heard of it) lined linen jacket in powdered cocoa
AG Harper jeans
EF espadrilles
The Sak summer straw bag

I had to figure out a hack for a "trench tie." A trench tie requires one side to be longer than the other, but I can't do that with this jacket because the ties are attached with buttons...ties can be removed and the jacket worn open. I think I figured it out, but I haven't yet tried it with the jacket on!


Thrifted Talbot's wrinkle resistant popover
Tommy Bahama flowered espadrilles
(Do I get extra points for print mixing? )

It's all about summer now...five to six months of hot, humid, sweltering heat coming up! 

I hope everyone is doing well and finding joy in something every day.

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Re: The last few transition outfits...

Stripe top and floral shoes? Yes, please!

Love the cocoa jacket with the jeans.

Everything looks great. Gotta love thrifted fashion finds.

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Re: The last few transition outfits...

@MacDuFF @So cute! Love the jumpsuit. So chic! Love the brown jacket! You go girl!

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Re: The last few transition outfits...

You're looking fantastic as usual.  I adore that pink pashmina!  I don't know how you do it, but all the looks are amazing!  

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Re: The last few transition outfits...

I like the pink pashmina. I had a beige one like that, but don't know what happened to it, must have been misplaced when I moved. 


What's this about hot humid weather? It's going to be about 60 degrees here in Indiana. Not complaining, I like when it's not so hot. 

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Re: The last few transition outfits...

Very nice! I love all the outfits.

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Re: The last few transition outfits...

Look great in all f them.  E#peci@lly like brown jacket

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Re: The last few transition outfits...

I think you look terrific in all of them. Favorites of mine would be the pink pashmina, the coral linen top, the brown jacket (LOVE IT) and your black jumpsuit.

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Re: The last few transition outfits...

@MacDuFF   CBS Sunday Morning show this AM just did a segment on thrifting or consigning and wearing those great finds.  You are a part of a 35 billion dollar business!  Besides giving us a less costly way to dress ourselves, the piece also explained how many have also turned to buying second-hand as a way to contribute to our environment and. 

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Re: The last few transition outfits...

@MacDuFF How are the EF shoes for comfort?  I might check those out at the Rack.  Are your thrift places concentrated in one area?  Mine are scattered all over.  Have always thought I would spend a lot of time looking and not much time buying.  


My co-worker was telling me she's had good suucess online with ThredUP.