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On 1/31/2015 dex said: I miss Lisa but I missed joan too and got over that!David is doing a great job with Joan's line and I am sure someone will do a great job taking over Lisa's roll too.If it is true that Lisa was not popular at the Q...I never saw any signs of that but who knows what goes on in Q backstage.We only see things the way they want us to see them as in ""the show must go on.""
There was some kind of uncomfortable something between LA and SC of Dooney. I have always thought that. The one episode where a caller asked that Sue being given the chance to speak more only confirmed that!
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On 1/20/2015 hopi said:


Your speculation seems appropriate. It also could have something to do with new management adding to the situation. You watch CEO's come and go making millions of dollars in a really short span while you spend your lifetime spending your youth to give it your best. While people who know nothing of what you have done or about the business come in and tell you that you are not trying hard enough and you have to do more for less.

Funny never have been a Lisa follower or Facebooker but felt she really stepped up Q's game and now that she is gone go to check what she says on her page. She shares more interesting product info than I get from any of the Q pages. Don't want to watch reality TV types on Q that act like idiots and look at their armpits or their goal its to make the Q shopper look like a fool;

Liked that Lisa was very intelligent.

Totally agree.

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Lisa's decision came not long after Joan Rivers passed, and losing Joan seemed to hit Lisa (among others) pretty hard. My feeling has always been that during that time, Lisa reevaluated her life, and decided to make some changes. I'm sure she has/had other offers, probably has for years, and it doesn't appear that she left QVC on bad terms at all.

I do miss her showing off the GILI items, especially the bags, because her love for each design was evident. She would never have referred to the Large Stirrup Hobo as a diaper bag.

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I think I will rehash this topic as frequently as I want, because I feel like it. {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

Because it is interesting


And why not...

I'd also add I do think there was some level of ill-will around her departure... Some seem to think Lisa was given some grand send-off. She wasn't. Her holiday 'Posh' show wasn't necessarily intended as a 'farewell' party. She and QVC schedule that show every year. It seems a decision was made somewhere by someone that this year it would also be her final show... All of the well wishes and 'fare-the-wells' were tendered by other hosts and vendors, but at no time did 'corporate' issue so much as a one line expression of well wishes... No one from 'corporate' appeared, even so much as for ten seconds' on the very short video that was shown during 'Posh', and there is a sense that her last air date represented some kind of negotiation that had her remaining at QVC through the bulk of the critical holiday shopping season. Her departure was handled professionally by both parties, and while Lisa clearly did solid work until the end and gave away nothing in the way of any negativity that might have existed, I don't think TPTB were happy with her choice to fold up her tent and go home.

Hi Stevie. The person I know who knows some of what is going on said pretty much what you stated. I alluded to this on several threads. We are in total agreement. She said it wasn't as "lovey dovey" as some thought it was.

Hey Win... I've seen your references to this person in the know... I've never doubted there was far more that went on than met the eye... It only stands to reason that after twenty years of solid service to her company and a very definite customer following, they couldn't very well be outright nasty about her departure, but there certainly seemed to be a definite chill in the air... Pretty clearly, they had to let it play itself out with some expressions of well-wishes by vendors and colleagues, along with blog posts and what have you, but I thought it was rather obvious 'corporate' wasn't precisely doing any gushing... Related, who knows... maybe there was a big company sponsored 'retirement party' but it seemed that most of the festivities associated with her decision to move on were events hosted by colleagues...

LOL Corporate didn't seem to do "diddly squat". Perfectly Winkworded Stevie--definite chill in the air. One could tell that Lisa was beloved by most vendors and the models though. I think they are the ones who truly were sad and probably a bit upset she was leaving (maybe more disappointed) ( Lisa sells/sells/sells) They were the ones who wanted to show their appreciation and "love" for her.

I think Corporate was upset she left and probably never thought she would. I do think sales may decline for them for awhile. Many loved Lisa and simply watched due to her. I have two sisters who only watched, on occasion, due to her. They thought she was awesome.

She may have wanted more $$$ and they said no! There will be another "Lisa" to take her place.
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On 1/20/2015 Heart of Spade said:

Lisa is a young woman. I find it hard to believe she would choose to give up a high-paying job with tons of perks without another lined up. It doesn't take long to blow through savings when nothing is coming in, and Lisa doesn't remind me of the type of person who would live frugally. And then there's health insurance, etc., to consider. Also, she really seemed to enjoy her job.

I still say there was a "dispute." I think she wanted a cut of the GILI line or it was something related to "her" line. I think she loved bringing the GILI items to the Q and wouldn't have up and left without a very good reason. "Designing" this line gave her job at the Q new life and a break from the mundane.

I don't think Lisa has a plan. I think the Q called her bluff and she was left with no choice but to explore other options. I don't think it will be easy for her as her popularity/notoriety pretty much ends with the Q. No offense to her, but I don't think anyone who doesn't watch the Q knows who she is. Her stint on Project Runway and the other fashion segments she's done are a result of her affiliation with the Q. I doubt we'll see her on more shows like this.


I'm inclined to agree with you. I think Lisa "may" have been closely aligned with the CEO who was fired.