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Re: The Pioneer Woman's MOB Dress

@faeriemoon wrote:

@Bri369 It's a nose gay.  I had planned to carry one at my daughter's wedding but ultimately opted for a corsage made for my clutch (so I wouldn't have to carry TWO things.)  I dislike wearing corsages whether pinned on a dress or on the wrist.  Nose gays are kind of the third option: pinned corsage, wrist corsage or nose gay.  I would have really preferred a fouth option; no flowers at all, but it was suggested it wouldn't look right if the bride's mother was the only one without flowers.  So my corsage was pinned to my clutch.



I also dislike corsages. 


She could have put some flowers in her hair if she wore it up...

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Re: The Pioneer Woman's MOB Dress

@lulu1 wrote:

The dress is supposed to give the illusion of nudity covered with lace.  Personally I think it's an odd choice for a MOB.  The inset just looks like her bra is showing. 


Sorry, I think this gown is a big miss.


The other gown posted on the thread is lovely.


Your post opened my eyes. I didn't see it before. I think you are correct and if so that  dress was really in poor taste.