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Re: The Laurie Felt Brand is Ending

Laurie posted yesterday that she's going to be a grandmother very soon.  Laurie posted on Instagram her daughter's gender reveal -- it's a baby girl!  



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Re: The Laurie Felt Brand is Ending

MOST of these "brands" need to GO!!! Sad-looking cheap clothing!! The blonde woman from Georgia?? Her line is hideous and cheap!!! LOGO is ugly and the clothing pills! NO ONE layers like that! It's honestly embarrassing

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Re: The Laurie Felt Brand is Ending

Thanks for starting this thread!  I just got A396499


Laurie Felt Easy TENCEL Top in the stripe and the material and print are very nice and for a better price now!  I did go down a size and am happy with the fit.

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Re: The Laurie Felt Brand is Ending

I'm not sure if anyone wants a follow up, but I feel like I should.  About the navy stripe shirt A396499 in my post above.  It came to me feeling smooth and had a silky but more substantial feel.  But after washing in cold, gentle and hang dried, it's very stiff and has a light but noticeable petroleum type odor.  I'm not putting down the brand, but felt like I should amend my previous gushing over this particular top. 

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Re: The Laurie Felt Brand is Ending

@SharkE wrote:

Anybody else watching that day that Laurie & Jayne Brown was doing a show and Jayne used the term

'ditsy' in reference to a print and Laurie didn't understand that terminology and thought she was CALLING HER DITSY.


Laurie didn't get upset, but, said she didn't think she was that bad. Otherwise, wasn't being like Jane.

Jayne Brown said "that's just a term we use to describe a pattern or floral print" and looked at her.


Laurie seemed to accept it, but, you could tell she thought she was being dissed.   Tense moment.


I figured Laurie was too sophisticated and wasn't used

to current language slang.

"Ditsy" isn't slang, it's a well known descriptor for a small floral print.

"A ditsy print is a tiny scale print with random appearance, scattered placement rather than a linear or geometric pattern. Often a ditsy print has multiple orientation, where different elements of the print are different ways up. At a distance the scale is so small a ditsy print can look almost like a solid colour."

I'm sure Jayne assumed that a designer would be familiar with the term, especially one as sophisticated as Laurie🙄

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Re: The Laurie Felt Brand is Ending

I only bought one piece from her line.  This blouse about a year ago.


Laurie Felt Printed Woven Blouse with Tie - A372258


There is one sweater that I like - I was planning on copying it. But if it comes down in price - it might be less expensive to buy it rather than make it.


"As Is" Laurie Felt Baja Sweater with Fringe Hem Detail

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Re: The Laurie Felt Brand is Ending

Laurie you will be missed. Honey enjoy your family while you have them at home. Your home is God’s beautiful gift he has given you to take charge over. Hang in there your next creative adventure will come true for you.
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Re: The Laurie Felt Brand is Ending

I agree with you! Her denim jeans fit me like a glove. I must have 20 pairs-glad I stocked up on the styles I most love! I will miss her and her line on QVC.


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Re: The Laurie Felt Brand is Ending

I came here to see what others are saying about Laurie Felt's brand ending and just want to say, it's hitting me harder than it probably should. Lol. ;-) I mean, I also love NYDJ, and I like Kim Gravel's jeans too, so at least they haven't left (and I hope they don't)... because finding the right fit and material in a pair of jeans isn't easy. Materials and fit have come a long way in denim offerings... but to find just the "right" ones that work for you with the right materials, quality, fit, style... it seems to still be a mystery to many brands... so to get it right and then just end it also seems a mystery to me. Laurie Felt managed to find that special something that hit on all cylinders, yet decided to call it quits. She seemed to have a successful brand that was still growing and becoming more recognized. So just hard to understand. Yes, I know her reasoning. But when you work that hard to become a household name with your own successful brand, I just can't imagine not finding a way to continue, even if you take a back seat. You can always spend time with family and be a success at the same time. I know she said a while back that she "doesn't do TSV's, only smaller quantities." Someone mentioned that Shawn said Laurie was a "boutique" band, and that's most likely why. Because Laurie made it clear she only did smaller quantities. I don't know... maybe Q wasn't ok with that? Just some questions left in my mind for a brand I absolutely Love. Anyway, I know I might get backlash, and that's ok... I'm just here to say I'm a bit heartbroken and perplexed over it, and I realize more than I probably should be. Lol. Smiley Happy Anyway, I've bought a lot of her jeans, capris, skimmers, and some beautiful sweaters, and will enjoy them as long as I can. And going forward, I'll be NYDJ and Kim Gravel all the way, because their fit is what works for me. Every time they have a TSV, I'll be watching! Thanks for listening. :-)
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Re: The Laurie Felt Brand is Ending

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This is old news, where have you been!  I've stocked up on her silky denim jeans & two of her jackets.  All have been on clearance or as is.  I don't agree with songbird about the best brands on Q.  I think the best and only I buy are Laurie Felt and Sidestitch.