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Re: That Gucci Belt Jill is Wearing





I think Jill Martin needed to wear a belt with the G.I.L.I. skinny stretch jeans that really doesn't need a belt because she's wearing a mic pack and IVR pack on the back of the belt as those gizmos have to hang onto something. You can see the mic pack and IVR pack when Jill turns around since she's got a tucked in plaid shirt.


But why a Gucci belt? I think that there's the subliminal and not so subliminal message of aspirational "luxury" fashion. You might not be able to afford a Gucci clothing item, but you can afford a Gucci accessory. And of course what's more Gucci like when it comes to accessories in Jill Martin's and QVC's sales pitches than a QVC brand G.I.L.I handbag? After all it was Lisa Robertson who plugged the first G.I.L.I. Roma handbag which was supposed to be a copy or her favorite things (like a Gucci handbag).


You'll hear Jill mention when she's selling the G.I.L.I. handbag that the leather comes from the same tannery in Tuscany as those famous luxury brands. I guess if you are wearing the famous and obvious GG logo Gucci belt, everyone will understand.


Screengrab pix from the desktop videoclip:


Jill Martin GILI bag Gucci belt.jpg



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Re: That Gucci Belt Jill is Wearing

@Barb114 wrote:

Many of the hosts flaunt the items they have, while selling us a line how inexpensive items are on easy pay.  The Monday night group are becoming total Divas

@Barb114  And everyone made fun of Lisa for wearing those same old black jeans and black top every Monday night so that she could try on some of the items she was selling.  Had she only known she could make a lot of money selling cheaper clothes while wearing designer, she might still be here.

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Re: That Gucci Belt Jill is Wearing

I think her outfit is adorable 

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Re: That Gucci Belt Jill is Wearing

The point of this conversation has been missed by those defending that they own or can buy luxury goods.
The belt is very unattractive no matter how much it cost. JMO & I could surely have it if I wanted it.
It is terrible that something cannot be discussed without things turning mean.
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Re: That Gucci Belt Jill is Wearing

@KKlim wrote:
No- Actually i don't.. but the disagreements that erupt here get ridiculous. ( and I don't mean w/ u) it's gotten to be where udont even want to post anymore your opinion. Everyone should have freedom of their own opinion. Life is short. It's Nonsense to argue over..People should just move on from this category..🙂



@KKlim  I’m sorry I said that to you...frustration, but no excuse. Sometimes the mods need to just step in and end the foolishness if obviously we aren’t capable of putting it to rest ourselves.